Tuesday, 6 May 2014

2024 - I'll be an old dinosaur by then.

10 years. That's a long time ahead isn't it? But then this is my eighth year of blogging and I would have sworn I had been doing it for longer so what do I know about the relativity of time??

Anyway 2024 is 10 years away,  3653 days, 87658 hours and far too many minutes and seconds to be arsed figuring out but it will be a lot. A really big lot. I will be older and probably grey-haired and who knows? I might actually have a crafty finish under my belt.


  1. Haha -- where did that come from? How did you pick 10 and not 20? or 5? I'll definitely be a dinosaur in 10 years -- a much older dinosaur than you!

  2. In 10 years I will be utterly decrepit. You are a mere youngster!

    By the way, I googled your blog, and found this one (along with finding yours). Who knew?! http://thatsnotatrashcannowitis.blogspot.co.uk/