Thursday, 1 May 2014

One day. 100 words.

Inspired by Clare over in her craftroom I am attempting Clairey Hewitt's challenge for May. Blogging for a whole month? We'll see.

Plague recovery pushed too far yesterday so am snuggled on the sofa with a hot water puppy under blankets for today.
Writing guest blogposts, press releases and PR strategies while listening to BBC Radio Four. Might even do some sewing later when the painkillers kick in.

Am ignoring housework, ironing, continuing fecking rain and the half dozen WIPS I can see from where I am encamped. There is nothing wrong with Startitis is there. Really?

(Shamefully hangs head)


  1. Looking forward to an awesome month.

  2. Startitis is the only path to finishitup!!! Looks like May is going to be a fun month!!!