Friday 10 June 2016

Today was hardgoing

So anyway, stupid arse-badger taxi driver at work blew his stack at me today in a rant of several minutes about my rudeness and lack of customer service bc I carried out (to the letter) his tea request - pouring in his own milk. BOOM! Out. Of . Nowhere. The irony of his accusation is not lost on me at all. As well as being a racist feck (EDF badge on his lapel) he works as little as possible all while bitching about the stupidity of customers, other cabbies and the world at large. 

This fuckwittery was offset throughout the day by several lovely older gentlemen telling me what exemplary customer service I gave and how lovely it was to be treated with a polite and friendly manner. I even had one customer ( famous UK actress)ring me from the train at 0630 to profusely thank me for getting her breakfast and tea made in (literally) four minutes so she could get to London on time.

When it is all hands to the pumps and there is a mahoosive queue out the door of our little cafe it is moments like these that keep me plugging away