Saturday, 15 September 2007

Laugh? I'm nearly crying!

Aaah Vicious Chicken! The world would be a much poorer place without your stunning intellect - of course it was the font colour. I can't believe it took me three nights and nearly three days to correct such a simple problem. And I was getting very cross too, esp. as I was unable to contact BloggerSupportHose. Imagine their faces when telling the bloggingly-challenged moron to "turn the power on!"

Monkee Maker - a secret blog! What a terrific idea, I may just revert to that.

But about the knitting .... I am trying to finish the hats for the tropical family who are arriving in about two months. The first one is all done and may fit my niece if the New Guinea Head Hunters get to her. My second hat has now been ripped back down to its band about two hundred times (really, no exaggeration). It is all my own fault. Having had success with the first heart pattern (which I followed religiously) I made up a pirate pattern to put on the front of the next one. It is driving me crazy. Am thinking I may give up intarsia all together.

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