Friday, 14 September 2007

Where have they all gone?

No. Really. There must currently be a convention taking place somewhere of all the magical creatures who operate the 'innernets' (cheers C.A.P.!). I cannot get this machine and its inner world to accept my inaugural post. Do you think they have something against monkeys?

I have something against weird people who, even when they are being unbeliveably rude and self-centred, still retain a (theoretically) polite voice. Last Wednesday en route to dropping the childer at school I parallel parked my car. Beautifully parallel parked my car. I deserve an award for this particular parking effort b/c it is a very narrow and curved piece of road on which I parked (have I mentioned it was parallel?).

As I drove down toward school I had noticed the old man in his yellow running shorts and white vest. He was jogging down one of the three roads that make up Dinglebury on the Hill. The low road if you will. 'Hmmm,'I thought to myself, 'hmmmm. He is an older gentleman to be out jogging at ten to nine, even on this sunny Summer morning. Especially when he is wearing so little.' So anyway ...... I parked my car (parallel/narrow curved road mind) and moved to extract a small child using the car door on the roadside. Peacably doing my job, lost in my own thoughts when this blurry* old man shouts at me - 'Madam you are in my way!'. I was staggered. Stunned. And quite perturbed that I am always the one the weirdies seem to find.

I must confess I did shout back at him. Just a little shout. But the killer is - this crazy man had cars piling up behind him and ones reversing away from in front of him! And I'm in his way!! Sheesh!

* Zimbabwean swear word. Not the old man being subject too some cosmic paintshop effect!


  1. Hello! So sorry I can't read your words of wisdom, but it's nice that you're here anyway :o)

    When I first loaded the page, the text appeared very very briefly in a sort of grey colour - maybe the text is set to the same colour as the background?

    Probably worth a suggestion but possibly worth a shot!

    Good luck with things anyway - I'll keep checking back to see if you get things sussed

    VCx ps I keep seeing blogger messages in Dutch too, if that's any consolation...

  2. Ooh, guess what - I can read the text if I highlight it! So my money is def on your text colour being set to white somehow.

    VC x

  3. Hello! I think! What on earth have you done?? It's actually very funny that it's in dutch (to me anyway but possibly not to you) so you succeeded on the amusement score!

    Good luck with it all. If it was me I'd probably bin it and start it all over again. But I'm a defeatist like that.

    Ooh, I need to try highlighting the text, thanks VC!

  4. That's so clever - it's like a magic blog!

    And you're a genius, VC! Can you explain the dutch though?