Thursday, 13 September 2007

The monkeys made me do it!

It's not that I want to but the monkeys kept me awake all night until I promised to get them access to free speech, clean air and more excess yarn over their heads. It gets crowded in the bottom of the knitting bag! I would show you a picture of my skinny-ass monkeys but I passed by their 'jolly ritzy haven' recently and had my camera nicked from about my person. When the guilty party repents I shall show post a picture of their collective blissspace.

I have just (well, two hours ago) returned from painting and learned a whole new skill or two - embossing, painting with alcohol ink and how to utilise rather cool gadgets/implements of torture. The best bit is I get to go back next week and use them to beautify a real live ugly cash box I have been meaning to paint for some years.

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