Friday, 19 October 2007

CK's scarf.

All visitors to this page please note that there may be an example of cultural difference embedded further on. I cannot be entirely sure because after so many years the differences between Australia and Engerland start to bleed together a little (no, stop laughing. Seriously). In Australia we describe that reddish-browney colour as Marone(one pronounced own) or possibly Maroon(oon pr. oon). I couldn't remember which and CK is no help as he has the spelling ability of a poorly educated monkey made of knit (no offence y'all) and Princess C-W was asleep. So I chose at random.

Okay now someone may have to pinch me b/c I may actually be dreaming.

On Wednesday night when I was knitting up scarf for tropical s-i-l CK commented on how lovely (okay, not his word) it was both in texture and colour and would I please knit him one?!?!?!? (Here comes the dreaming bit) A little surprised I kind of nodded and smiled politely b/c CK does not wear scarves. Certainly not scarves which can only be described as having aspiration to pink domination of the Universe. 'Although' he said, 'I would rather have it in a colour more like the maroon running through this one. Yeah, I would like one of these none intrusive scarves in a (wait for it) serious maroon.' So I am on the hunt b/c straight away I have a Christmas present ticked off the list.

Anyone know where I can buy a chunky yarn that is soft but also comes in serious marone? (Am willing to run to cashmere b/c he's worth it).

On a completely different note we have just one more sleep to go here at Trash Towers before Sylv's broomstick lands and the kids were getting excited. The letters for the banner have mostly been made, I had said they were both allowed to get up at dark'o'clock to come get her and the enormous Spring Clean of their rooms was complete except for a final hoover.

Why were? Last night about elevenish poor old BabyMan lost his last three meals all over the side of his bed (sorry too graphic) and after his evil mother forced him to take a shower he went back into a freshly made bed in a room stinking of carpet cleaner and febreze.

Well he has survived the day, staying at home with Dada being sick boys together on the couch. (CK was recovering having had the remnants of a molar taken out of his head yesterday). There was a lot of lemonade, Maltesers (don't ask!) and Star Wars movies.

OH DEAR!!!!!! I spoke far too soon! I have just cleaned up again after a repeat episode of last night - bleaugh :-{

I have to say the past 24 hours have been hideous.

Last night I ran out of fuel on a major bend just 20 yards from home, right in the middle of what constitutes our local rush hour. Lots of cars, lorries and a few tractors. So I was out in the dusk directing traffic, having taken Babyman home first to the man with the swollen face.

A friend from up the road rescued me and went off to buy fuel but forgot to ask which I take. This being a small friendly town she rang my next door neighbour who walked down to find out. All good on Tina's return and having sliced down a plastic bottle to fit into my tank (seriously, not making any of this up) I was able to move my car off to one side.

Yes, off to one side rather than away because just as I turned the key another motorist ran out of fuel literally two yards in front of me! Tina and I push started him so he could limp around the corner onto the flat and by the time I got back to my car there was a nice policeman waiting (Really truly this all happened!). However, after a detour to the petrol station, I made it home safe and sound.
So I am hoping this means that tomorrow is all pre-disastered and the trip to the airport will be fine. The banner is so cool, I'll take photos tomorrow.


  1. Sounds such fun Trashalou! My kind of day - actually, sounds very like my Thursday!
    To me, maroon is a dark plummy red. But I may have got it wrong!
    Hope your little one is feeling better - Fred is fine and spent yesterday playing football against himself - in the sitting room!

    Lucy x

  2. Did my husband tell you to post this story? I frequently frustrate him by driving around bathed in the glow of my "low fuel" light. I can't help but wonder if your experience was sent as a subliminal message; rush-hour here in our Nation's Capital is not nearly as fuel-less friendly!