Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Paranoid? Moi!

I am toying with the idea of getting a visit counter but am put off by having it read in single figures for the next millenia.

I haven't started writing this page b/c I am aiming for world domination beginning with a foothold in blogland, but at the same time it is a pleasant feeling to find folks with a shared view of the world. So, I would find it a little discomforting to click onto my page and automatically have my attention drawn just to whether the numbers have changed since my last visit. (I'm guessing it would probably take me several days of hourly visitoring before I realised I was pushing up numbers!!!)

Generally I am not an unconfident person and I am extremely happy that anyone chooses to spend their time reading my thoughts but still .... I remain unconvinced.

However. On the knitting front, with the end so clearly in sight for my ISE 5 scarf I have begun something new today. There are some who may call it premature to begin another project prior to completion. I prefer to call it 'on the ball'.


  1. Hey, don't knock boosting your own stats. I spent many a happy hour revisiting my site in the early days to boost those tiny numbers!

    In fact I appear to have abused my counter so much that they took it away from me *sigh*

    But think carefully .... it does make compulsive viewing!

  2. I agree with your mad friend up there! Blog-stat-watching should be listed as a compulsive disease! You need to get someone famous to link to your blog on a post (like MM and Little Cotton Rabbits and me and Leanne's House) then the visitors start to arrive! Lucy x
    P.S commenters could just be being put off by the extraordinarily long word verifications - 8 today!) durdsnqa
    P.P.S glad it didn't start with a "t"

  3. Ha ha ha, Lucy's so funny! Someone famous ..... what, like Mickey Mouse??

  4. I feel bad for not posting a comment earlier. That's the only way to let you know I'm reading your blog.. sorry :)

    My counter doesn't count me, so visiting my own site a gazillion times a day won't work ;)
    I decided to have my counter for just one day, you know, just to see how many people came by(which was surprisingly many!), so it's still there.. but I hardly look at it any more.. :)

    Cant wait to see what your up to next(on the knitting front) ;)

  5. Hey Trash,

    You're prob in bed already as I only just got your comment on my blog, but I just wanted to say: Have a loverly time with Sylv! Hope her flight has gone OK and all, and she isn't too worn out from travelling.