Monday, 8 October 2007

New Broom.

In 12 days the UK will be host to my mother for the first time in two years. Consequently we are indulging in a frenzy of cleaning, tidying and sorting. Well, I am.

The kids are too excited about presents to think of much else and CK is wondering where he should stash her Nimbus 2000 so it is safe from local marauders! So having just waved off the last of our Round One visitors (my sister and her husband were here for the best part of a month and my b-i-l was here concurrently for a week)this morning I started with the most important tidy-up and re-organisation - welcome to the refurbished, polished and tarted-up version of TrashCan.

What do you think?

Bless her, my mother is getting a bit worried about travelling. You would think she hasn't done it before instead of flying to and fro for the last 20 years to the assorted countries her children have dotted themselves in around the world. But this is the first time in 12 years she has stopped off in Bangkok. Here we have the issue.

You see, 'Adventure' has a habit of finding my mother. The less charitable may call it 'Trouble'.

Last time she landed at Bangkok Airport she was feeling a little nervous about where to go and so she followed the nice Anglo looking couple who were probably also headed for Heathrow. They went down ramps, round bends and along corridors. After speaking with some nice airport officials Mum was the proud possessor of a stamp in her passport and the freedom of Bangkok. Her true situation only became clear to her when the airport doors slid open and the nice Anglo looking couple disappeared into the humid air of the Bangkok morning.

Aaaah Sylv! Bless her! She only got a little bit hysterical and started ranting at the nice customs officials who(understandably)began to feel a little nervous of the wild eyed Australian weeping and waving her passport at them. A lot of weeping. So in true man fashion when confronted with emotion and tears they called in for outside reinforcements. A lovely official-type woman came out, took Mum's passport, crossed out the immigration stamps with a pencil then lead her through the back tunnels and corridors into the airside of the building. I guess she has reason for not looking forward to it.

I think it will be fun.


  1. Cool new blog layout ..... very impressive!

    And I hope you have a great time with your mum :)

  2. Wow... your blog's gone all made-over! I thought I'd typed the wrong address for a moment there where I first came over... but no, it was just your new blog finery hoodwinking me :o)

    Hope your mum makes it into the country ok with no mishaps :o)