Tuesday, 9 October 2007

What an interesting day.

Look what CK bought for me! No reason, just because (and yes of course they had a yellow sticker on them, that makes them look prettier apparently!).

Yesterday was quite an intersting day. I completed a repeat (44 rows) on my ISE5 scarf (still up for any ideas on how to get the button widget onto this page) and very pleased I am with it too. After much ripping out and many purchases of yarn I finally settled on some variegated alpaca in autumnal tones. Even this required much ripping back, tears and creative cursing, not to mention the hours spent untangling the skein in to one very large ball of wool, but after a discussion with my nice friends behind the counter of my nearest woolshop (even out here in the back of beyond we have cool shops but the High Street is invading)I have gone up a needle size. I think I'm loving it.

I also got through my invite to Ravelry. So now I'm there I don't actually know what to do but after some playing I'll figure it out. All though to be honest I feel a bit of a fraud being a part of it.

***** This was actually written on Wednesday. Don't know why it has come up as Tuesday.

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  1. Flowers? Wow!!!
    (even with the pretty yellow sticker)