Friday, 5 October 2007

Now I'm clever enough!

Well, my brother in law is.

(Have I told you he is a computer whizz and genius and has caused many Japanese Sony type men to say 'Aaaaaah' a lot and nod their heads sagely while bowing?)

They are staying with me while they are currently homeless again (sister & b-i-l not Japanese men) - too many countries, too many computer programmes and not enough time!They need a roof over their heads, I need tuition & pointing in the right direction and well, you know. (I'm really not above a bit of bribery and corruption.)

So. He said a lot of words that I knew were English but their meaning? Nuh, had no idea but he was having a crap morning so me asking him tech questions was a good thing. It resulted in him playing with 'fun' stuff on the computer and looking at how Blogger put together their HTML code. Now, not pointing fngers or anything but I believe he referred to Blogger's HTML as raw. Feel certain this is tech phraseology for crap.

Anyway I now know how to do links (will go back and amend today's earlier post) and am working on learning how to alter the layout and stuff. Keep a lookout. Things could be altering here!

Obviously all you other clever bloggy type people already know this but ... no matter how pretty you make the writing on the screen unless you know the HTML stuff with the brackets and clever word and code and stuff it still just going to come out in a straight line on the blog. I discovered that bit yesterday about the 'not looking so pretty anymore' but today's lesson was the reason why.

Oh, and on a final note.... the whole it's not a monkey, it's a chimp thing? I'm wrong. My (nearly) nine y.o. daughter has taken great delight in correcting me that b/c my primate actually has a tail this, by definition, makes him a monkey. Apes do not have tails. No! Don't abuse me, take it up with the smarty pants who sleeps upstairs! Her email address is

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  1. Hi Trashalou,

    How cool would it be if your mum in 'Stralia entered my KSSP too?! Thanks for mentioning it to her - I look forward to seeing her score if you can find out in time.

    And about your speed - still faster then me. *sigh*.