Friday, 5 October 2007

Line crossed. gauntlet thrown.

Oh dear! rather unwittingly I seem to have kicked started a challenge over at The Vicious Chicken's page (tried doing a link but either my machine or I are stupid. I haven't figured out which yet).

So I sat there with my ISE5 scarf last night before setting off for a girls' night out. 'No problem' I thought. 'I can do this and clock watch b/c it is a simple 3x3 rib repeat'. (Of course, I have removed the monkey chimp - his tail was in the way).

That was when I realised why the designer of my fabulous wobbly scarf I found on Knitty recommended a row counter. So.... I can tell you how long it takes to rip out 21 rows of purl and plain rib. Not Very Long =}

(Tried putting in a link to Knitty site but again with the not clever enough.)

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear... sorry to hear about the ripping out :o( Thank you for saying you'll take part in the KSSP though! But please don't do it if it's going to make you lose track of rows - more ripping back would be a Very Bad Thing, and I don't think I could handle the guilt...

    PS fabtastic is my new favourite word :o)