Thursday, 4 October 2007

Ta Da!!!!!!!!!!

Laaaaaaaadies & Gentlemonkeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!

Roll up!! Roll Up!!

Tell your friends. Bring your children (but shield their eyes). For your delight and edification we present the internationally reknowned


Be filled with awe and stunned with amazement. Gasp with shock. Fall over laughing at such absurd creatures...................

Oh, ummmm, excuse me. We seem to be experiencing a technical error. If you would just care to look over there to your left for a second, no further back. Look! A really interesting, distracting type thing.

(hmmm.... quick! must just fix this cock-up..... now if I just
press this button....)


Laaaaaaaadies & Gentlemonkeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!

Let me present

(okay fingers crossed, hold your breath, here we go)

that rare and unusual creature

THE HILLTOP MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What? It was a slow afternoon at work!!!


  1. You're mad you know. Totally and utterly MAD! I'm so glad! Lucy x

  2. Tsk! That Lucy Locket - she'll call anyone mad! It all looks perfectly sane to me.

    A very lovely monkey indeed and also a very lovely ..... furry thing in swimming gear ....?

  3. Hooray! We finally got to see your fabled monkey - and it's very nice. I laughed out loud at the other picture too :o)

  4. You like the very furry thing in swimming gear?

    Have been trying to make that my profile picture but can't figure out how. Yes. I have read the instructions but try as I might the picture never works. Or it takes up 5ty gazillion kb. Whatever.

    But it is a picture of 'Mah Dawg'. He is the footstool my husband gave me for my birthday a few years back. He isn't that fluffy and clean anymore. 'Mah Dawg' I mean.