Saturday, 3 November 2007

Babyman got creative last term at school.

Cardiff was great fun. Mum and I didn't even get very lost at all! Given our current track record I am v. pleased that we only stopped one person to ask for directions. And even then we were headed in the right direction already!

CK set a budget of £5.00 which would be halved if we didn't leave the house by 8am. It is amazing how much £2.50 sterling can buy in Wales!

We mooched around to begin with, getting the feel of the place for a bit. Some nice Welsh women with a book of miniquilts yelled at us b/c we breathed on it. So we kept moving. Then Granma found Princess C-W's birthday present - a 21st century spirograph type thing. Pictures to follow after 22/11. Guess what? There was a pick'n'mix glitter stall, I got a bag of peacock blue and one of acid green. Yes, just two. Limited budget you know!

So by now I had £2.29 left and 900 more stalls to look at. Passing quickly yet fascinatedly past the knitted gingerbread house (no really - walls, roof, furniture and everything!) we saw the clever lady extolling the virtues and cleverness of fimo polymer clay. Kept going.

Walked through a most amazing embroidery and patchwork display of work done by the W.I. since 1924 and it was interesting to contrast it with the outstanding sewing and design work done by some local GCSE students.

The whole class got creative.

Also got very brave and bought some Regia self-patterning wool to do some gloves. Am extremely tired and headed for bed now.

Night y'all!


  1. Glad you had a good time - even if you did encounter the "nice" lady! Lucy x

  2. a pick-n-mix gliter stall?!!! and you only bought 2??! good golly, you are a woman of rare restraint!

    can't wait to see the "21st century spirograph"...i'm keenly anticipating the ways in which it will surpass the 20th century version: is it java enabled? does it draw fractals?! has it got a 40g hard-drive & utilize nanotechnology??! can't wait to find out! (if it's teabag-powered, you might like to speak to VC...apparently she has one or two extra at the moment...) :)