Monday, 5 November 2007

I was highly excited today!




Mmmmmmmmmm. Soooooft!

How lucky am I?

I got a beeyootifull scarf from my International Scarf Exchange Spoiler today.

What I love is the block striping. And the colour. And the pattern. Did I mention it was long? Very, very long.

So long that I am feeling a little guilty that the divine Miss B over at has probably developed RSI from knitting it and knitting it until it stretched all the way from the upstairs window down to the front gate and onto the road.

The package included a clever notepad/calendar to hang on my fridge, a sweet little bag of Christmas scented potpourri (mmm - oranges, cloves and cinnamon) and a yummy chocolate bar.

Oh! Did I forget to mention the TWO gorgeous skeins of malabrigo Merino wool all the way from Uruguay via Chicagoland? I think not! The two gorgeous skeins of Emerald green Merino wool. Aaaaah bliss! When the sun comes out again I will try and get some photos that do the colour full justice.

And the card could not have been more perfect. It says 'Breathe'. This is a standard in my house in response to hyped and over-emotional small people. We loved the card that says 'Breathe'. Princess C-W and I are stil smiling.

It has been such a joy to be a part of this exchange and read about people's work and interests. People who do craft are good kinds of people. Thank you for letting me be a part of this.

Must now hurry and post mine off, just one more thing to get for the parcel. How exciting!


  1. Gorgeous Goodies! Lucky you - they look lovely! Lucy x
    P.S just received my monkee! How mega exciting is that? I'm in love!

  2. I recognized that candy bar and knew your spoiler was American!

    Lucky girl to get such a great package : )

  3. Yay! We love goodies in the post!! Did I miss the scarf you did or haven't you posted pics yet? Don't want to ruin the surpise, hey?

  4. I, too, love getting parcels in the post. Well, who doesn't?

    Thankfully, the typical content of one of my parcels is slightly less girly!

    You are lovely.