Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Here's a plan!

I love to follow the adventures of 007(and pals) over at Monkee Maker and watch from behind the sofa as she sends them out to dominate the world one monkee at a time. And the latest primate hilarity at The Vicious Chicken sparked a thought in my fluffy little head.

Just sitting quietly on the couch whistling to myself when suddenly it hit me ..... we should organise a 'Monkees made of Knit' convention. No, listen. Everyone who has purchased a monkee or monkee related product or who just loves the hilarity, madness and mayhem over at Monkee Maker could descend upon a certain coffee bar in a particular part of Brizzle. The potential is enormous. (Not least to share those famous white chocolate and raspberry muffins.)

There could be workshops in creating monkees made of knit or planning wacky, zany primate storyboards. Throughout the day we could have little discussion groups about posh wool vs. no-name cheapy stuff. Felted monkees vs. novelty yarn. This has huge international potential. I am envisaging guest speakers with interesting takes on things pertaining to the world of monkee, culminating in a special evening after-dinner speech by THE Monkee Maker herself.

What do you think? Any takers?


  1. Are you MAD woman??? If you think I'm paying for all those muffins, you've got another think coming!!!

    (said in my bestest "Mum" voice)

  2. .... although I guess I could spring for two .... if just you and I turned up :)

  3. See, now I had envisaged you being guest of honour.

    Accordingly this would mean the conventioneers' dues would go toward paying for your busfare to the venue AND the odd muffin or six to stave off your hunger pangs.But never mind, it was just a thought!

  4. Wow - you truly are brainwashed!! Good one Monkee Maker - the quest is gathering strength ;)

  5. I'm in! A mecca to visit the great Monkee Maker herself! Cooool! Lucy x

    P.S. if we all buy her muffins she will be even greater than she was before!!!

  6. I've never knitted a monkee :-( I feel deprived :-(

  7. Hmmm...sound promising...
    Of course, M4U would need to be re-stocked so we mere mortals might have a chance to attend...what say you MM?

  8. can we not have the meeting here in the Highlands???
    we have strange looking cakes.....
    Tracy x

  9. Madwomen, monkees and muffins - imagine the mayhem!

  10. I actually just found your page and saw the monkey page for the first time tonight also - love them both! :) I will be back!

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