Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Slowly, slowly.

Over the past ten days I have been blog-hopping and rolling around the innernets. I have even added words to the post I have been constructing (it seems very unwieldy now I stand back and look).

However, with eleven hundred memebers of family descending and a hacking cough which the doctor just smiled and nodded through as my lungs landed on his desk, I have not really had the focus to write coherently (what I said about unwieldy!).

I am hoping that normal service will be resumed at some point in the next week. Until then here are some pics.


  1. Love the pictures.

    Hope you survive the family. I'm off to make a loooong to do list so I can cope with my family (and hubbies) next week.

  2. Love the pictures - that wrought iron 'sign' is fantastic.

    Hope you and your lungs feel better soon. Take care :-) x

  3. Great pictures! Is the bridge at Stowe? If not there's one there too!
    Hope the family visit goes well and that your poorly lungs are better soon.