Monday, 26 November 2007

Not meaning to mislead.....

...... Princess C-W's birthday was actually on the 22nd of November.

It is just that it took me some many days to process and organise the occasion, what with being unwell and all (cough, splutter, sneeze! Feeling sorry for me yet?).

We had cake at several times over the birthday week. On 21/11 one of my borrowed childer and I made vanilla cupcakes with livid pink icing which the birthday girl, her friend and Granma took with them when they went out and had their nails done. We left some cakes at home for CK and Babyman to cheer them up b/c they weren't getting prettyfied fingers.

Having had fingers filed, buffed and polished they then had to choose which flowers to have.

Or perhaps diamonds?

Flowers it was.

The little girls had flowers but Granma choose diamonds (of course!). See how gorgeous they all look?

And our lovely FairHands lady had a birthday surprise for Princess C-W too.

The next day was her actual birthday!

It started with international phone calls

Then presents.

Finally cake.

Mmmmmmmmmmm... cake...


  1. Man oh man, that's some pink cake!! Looks like your daughter and her Granma had a fab time on her birthday - such purdy nails :)

    Happy belated Birthday Princess CW!

  2. What a superbly, luridly, brightly pink birthday cake that was! Perfect!

  3. How many bottles of food colouring went into that cake?! I just showed it to my daughter and now she wants to try to make a cake that bright!

  4. Do you do birthdays for 41 year-olds-who-think-they-are-9?

    Happy belated P-CW :)

  5. a belated but heartfelt happy birthday to princess c-w!!! (if all c-w birthdays include amazing pink cake AND manicures...with NAIL ART...can i be invited next year, please?!) :)

  6. That's the kind of birthday I would like.

    Fab time. Pink cake. Pretty nails.