Sunday, 25 November 2007


For the first time in three months we are alone in our house. Just the six of us, all back in our own beds - much to the dogs' disgust. They got used to being in our room to stop Mum standing on them in the night.

(Accidentally standing on them I mean!)

As squashy as it has been and as busy as it has been we have had a fun time.

We had fireworks!

There was the plane trip to Ireland, where we got lost quite often.

Lunch at a friends' lovely new cottage, complete with long country walk. (Took some cow pics on someone else's camera. Will post when I get them.)

We celebrated Halloween (not on time though!)

We made scarves with beautiful velvets and silks.

There was a day trip to Cardiff to the craft show. We drove past Ikea but didn't go in. We went over the Clifton Suspension Bridge just after Carol Vorderman nearly crashed in to my car. There was a little getting lost but we drove around a nice country park with a big posh gate and everything!

We went to Stoke-On -Trent. There was A LOT of getting lost.

We also bought a lot of china. After much traipsing around and turning back at Uttoxeter we finally found the Burleigh pottery factory. It was a delight and a dream and I wish I had photos to show. Large wooden tables laid out with gorgeous plates and bowls. A crackling fire surrounded by a few comfortable chairs to sit and enjoy a cup of tea. To just to sit and take in the history of the building. The skill of those who developed and maintained this style of pottery making. The time at Burleigh more than made up for the detours, wrong turns and backtracking. It was a moment out of time.

Then we came home. Via Ikea. Yippee!

Just two sleeps later and the Tropical Family began their invasion. Three 200 mile round trips to the airport in the space of six days plus all the touristing around we did. At least it meant I got to drive CK's whizzy new car for a week!

(tropical brother)

Somebody lost their first ever tooth!

Brownies had their open evening.

There was a hostess badge awarded too.

We even fitted in a birthday!

Then yesterday it was 'Bye-bye Granma, travel safe!'

So as you can see it has been kind of busy here but (despite the cough) things are coming back to normal.


  1. Gosh, I feel out of breath just from reading it, never mind living it!

    Take care :-)

  2. Wow, you really did have a busy time!

    .... I'd heard CV lived in Brizzle .... did she really nearly crash into you? Or were you just DESPERATE for an autograph?!

    I hope that the house won't feel too small for you now :)

  3. Gosh, I just blinked for a moment and missed several posts on your blog... oops. But I'm catching up now as fast as I can :o)

    Word to the wise - if you want to track that Vordleperson down and tell her to drive more carefully, I've heard she can be spotted in the aisles of Henleaze Waitrose (although I cannot verify truth or otherwise - my salary doesn't stretch to shopping there.) You could deliver retribution by nearly crashing into her shopping trolley, perhaps? Or not, as you wish :o)