Tuesday, 18 December 2007

My husband's love is a different kind of thing.

After the childers' evening play performance they stopped off at Y.O.T.'s * for a celebratory pudding run and came home with gifts for the Lubbard Mummy**.

There is nothing CK likes more than buying flowers for me. It is his special thing to walk into a supermarket (yes it usually is a supermarket b/c petrol stations just don't do the really good things!) and find a bunch of beautiful blooms (alliteration anyone?).

His best and his favourite is when he stands in front of the banks of blossom at Mr. Y.O.T.'s house and spies a shiny pretty in the corner of the wrapper.

Would you like a closer look?

I can't begin to tell you how pleased he was with this purchase (although apparently they were from Princess Curly-Wurly). And knowing the joy he gets from these pretty yellow stickers makes me think the flowers are even lovelier!

Do you think this makes us weird?

*Yucky Old Tesco's

** (BabyMan could not say Mother Beloved when he was little; not that I make my kids call me fabulous names or anything.)


  1. Y.O.T indeed, but wow! what a floral bargain!!

    And I should make your kids call you fabulous names while you still can .... soon enough they'll be coming up with not-so-lovely monikers of their own choosing!

  2. I'm not surprised he was pleased with himself - 99 pence for those is fantastic!

    I might try that Mother Beloved thing ... I'll let you know how it goes :-D x

  3. What a fantastically romantic bargain! Good old YOT ;)

  4. I read your 'spider venom' comment and laughed so hard. I had to come visit to see what your blog was all about. You certainly didn't disappoint me with your post today about your husband and his flowers. Sooooooo adorable!! You've hooked me... I'm yours from this day forward... for ever and ever. Probably longer than you wanted??? hee, hee

  5. the fact that *I* actually don't think that story makes y'all weird...

    (au contraire...i find bargain flowers to be exponentially MORE romantic! no, seriously: a man who is thoughtful AND fiscally responsible??! PHWOOOOAAAR!!!)

    ...probably suggests that it does, a bit! sorry, i did MEAN to help, honestly! :)

  6. Re: Your comment on my blog - half an elephant???
    Happy Christmas.
    love Lesley xx