Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Oh good! That's over.

Isn't it funny how an evening of great hilarity and merriment .........

...........can leave everyone feeling just a little flattened at the end?

So now that the post-Christmas season is upon us I can begin to concentrate on important things again. You see it is in my bones that once all the run-up is done by Christmas Eve I can let the whole thing go. There are more important things to concentrate on.

I have even been known to alter the phone message on Boxing Day to let the world know that it is just over a month until my birthday!

So over the next five weeks or so there will be some more mutterings about birthdays, mooching about ageing, groaning of arthritic joints and who knows there may even be talk of presents?!


  1. Oooh an upcoming birthday! There is nothing better to get you through the post Christmas blues than an upcoming birthday. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas - and look forward to reading lots more of your blogs next year. :-)x

  2. That is exactly what happened to my gingerbread house. It turned into a dilapidated cottage. Merry Xmas!

  3. oh wow, GORGEOUS gingerbread house! (i mean in photo one.) (photo two is slightly less flattering.) (photo two, however, is a fairly accurated depiction of MY state at 10pm on xmas, actually....except presumably the house was still *SWEET*!) :)

  4. If you could make a post on your blog about the UK Swap, that'd be best!!

    Hhaha I sooo wanted to do the Cocoa Swap too! Hmmm hot chocolate...

    Can't wait to see you January 7th for sign-ups!
    - Monica

  5. Wow! A Very Nearly Very Happy Birthday to you then Trashalou! Like this blog-colour-way! Very spring like! Happy After Christmas! Lucy x