Saturday, 29 December 2007

New page. Old year.

Do you like the new look?

This colour green is the same as the Malabrigo wool my ISE 5 partner sent me. Is it not divine? (I mean the slightly darker green, although the other is nice too.) This is the colour I want to use for my sleeveless top. P.G. there will be enough, although if there became less of me in the NewYear I would need less, right?

I mooched up and down the High Street today and found my favourite LYS is having a sale - 40% off all wool! CK made me walk right past it yesterday as he was the only one who had been to the bank but I got there today and guess who is the new owner of a shank of glorious Artesano Alpaca (hummingbird colourway) for only £7.00 something?

The lovely 'Little Red Hen' also has lots of very nice other things on sale too - some of which I am hoping will turn up for my birthday - eg, large jugs . Although I have been playing with an early (or very late) birthday present for the last few days.

I got this i-pod from my lovliest ever brother he was here and it came with the words 'This is all your birthday presents for the last and next ten birthdays, right?' Not as generous as it may sound (although it really is b/c was a little bit shocked when I found out quite what they cost!!!) as he had actually bought it for his 13 y.o. daughter but she wasn't giving up the mini/nano/shuffle thingy she already had so we kind of got the cast-off - no complaints though you understand. As part of my Christmas present I received an i-tunes voucher and haven't we had fun with that!? Everything from this to this - we do eclectic in this house!

It was very knitty kind of holiday season here at Trash Towers - a wooden pair of 3.5mm needles which each child & I will paint together, two knitting magazines with patterns I actually want to use and a book, a murder mystery. A murder mystery. Based on knitting. And when I get my camera back from under the mounds of seasonal crap currently decorating Trash Towers all y'all are going to be so impressed!

Off to visit my god-daughter next weekend for a belated Christmas/birthday lunch. I don't think she will mind things being either 14/7 days late as she only turned one on Boxing Day! So thankfully I have finished both dolls and (again with the camera and the piles of stuff!) I will take a photie before they head off to their new home.

So this year is nearly over and it is another one for which I am extremely grateful. I am very pleased to say that 2007 was a decidedly average and mildly interesting year for us. We all got a year older (the dogs too!), Princess Curly-Wurly and BabyMan went up a class at school. We had minor illnesses, bugs and injuries. CK had stressful moments at work and I shouted at small children (mine and borrowed) but that was it. Not wishing to invoke hubris - but no major calamities, sagas or fall-outs. We are so grateful and I can only hope that 2008 stays on such an even keel.

May the gods smile on you all.


  1. The producers of Robin Hood should be shot! I definitely cried and Daisy was very sad! Bah humbugs the lot of them!!!!

    Word verif = Qluispov
    Hopefully a suitably painful medieval torture for producers of sad tv moments!

  2. It's a gorgeous green! I'm a big fan of green - and blue.

    I clicked with trepidation the link called 'large jugs' just in case it was a Pam Anderson and her mammoth mammaries, but phew, it wasn't. It was some utterly fabulous jugs - hope you get one!


  3. Nice jugs!!
    Can't wait to see what you've been knitting too.
    It's good to be home. Kids eating chocolate before breakfast. The place is trashed already. Lovely :)
    Lesley xxx

  4. Yum!! I love Artesano Alpaca. I've never seen it in Canada and it was the first yarn I bought here in the UK.