Monday, 10 December 2007

A tag!

Well, sort of.

I am picking up the tag baton as handed out by the loverly Mrs Moog over at Moogsmum (still haven't sussed out linking very well yet). The game is to offer up seven random things about yourself. So let's see what we can find out.......

1. I have large feet. No, really quite large for a girlie. I haven't been easily able to buy women's shoes since the age of 12. I asked the assistant for trainers and she sent me upstairs to the men's department! I was so upset about it at the time but have come to terms over the years.

When my sister and I were shopping all those years ago for my bridesmaid shoes she was stunned that the first thing I do when entering a shoe shop is ask what size they go up to. B/c y'all know there is no point looking unless you can buy, right? Yup she was very taken aback but what would she know? She wear size fives.

2. I have an inordinate amount of information about dogs stashed away in my brain. As a teenager I had a wall of my bedroom plastered with dog pictures. Nope, no posters of U2 or Culture Club for me (can you tell my age yet?) just loads of man's best friend. It is a pretty uncool thing I guess but it impresses Princess C-W no end when I can pinpoint the dog's breed, sex and approx. age from 30 paces.

3. I have four brothers and one sister.

4. My hayfever really is caused by hay. I discovered this working on my Uncle's dairy farm in Ireland one Summer alooooong time ago.

5. I am a rubbish swimmer. Someplace somewhere it is probably illegal for an Australian to publicly admit but it is all true. I am rubbish at swimming, especially freestyle.

6. I do not drink tea or coffee. Or alcohol much. Although, over the last few years I have discovered iced tea. I quite like the flavoured powders you can buy from Whittards. Except for when I drank two litres worth in 12 hours. It was 4a.m. before I figured out why sleep was so elusive. And boy did I power through my lengths the next afternoon! (I didn't say I couldn't, just that I was rubbish.)

7. I love a good discussion. Not necessarily an argument, just a frank and forthright exchange of views that may or may not end with the combatants participants agreeing to disagree!

This was kind of fun. Who knew talking all about me was soooooo interesting?

Oh yeah! I did!!

Feel free to join the D.I.Y. tag thing. It is the choice of the new Millennium.


  1. Hee hee - great stuff on your tag. Don't your enormous feet help with the swimming at all? Just asking ;)
    I've just read your wet Saturday post too. It was a vile day wasn't it? Your turkey fun at the butcher's really had me chuckling!!
    Good call, leaving someone else to cook Christmas dinner while you go dog walking. I like to stay home cooking dinner with a little something bubbly while the noisy ones go out!!

  2. Loving your meme ... perhaps the answer to being a better swimmer is to drink more powdered thingies? I have no idea what these powdered thingies are, and am just about to go and ask the Great God Google.

    Take care :-) x

  3. See, you've now left us to wonder what size your feet are. Mine are UK Size 8, so when they are available, they always end up on sale. Hooray! And those Whittards tea powders are gorgeous.

    Think I'll tag myself now!