Saturday, 8 December 2007

Is it raining at your house?

It sure is at my house.

Not just rain. There is wind.

Lots and lots of wind. Big swirly wind, flying up the hill and swooshing through the High Street just as half the town is out Christmas shopping. I can't decide if it is a funny or sad sight but there are discarded umbrellas everywhere. Mine included. TG it was just a freebie from a magazine. I would really have been cross if I had paid for it.

However despite getting soggy, windblown, driving on flooded roads and hoping that the odd whining noise my car was making was not serious I got lots done.

Have changed CK's order for Christmas turkey to rolled and boned turkey breast. Not a dramatic saga you would think but there is a story.

1. I do not do roasts. I particularly do not do 'Christmas Lunch' and all that entails. Not least b/c I do not do stress and would be quite happy with curry or a bowl of cereal for the big day.
Don't get me wrong, I am no Scrooge or Grinch. In fact I love Christmas. The smells, ideas, pictures, presents, fun and family that go with it. I usually start buying my presents for Christmas in the January Sales. It is just that I don't really follow the regular drum beat of societal conformation (ref: previous post). So with equitable divison of labour in mind, CK does Christmas Lunch and I walk the dogs. Usually by myself b/c Pr. C-W & Babyman are to busy trashing playing with their brand new booty to come along. I sometimes get wet and usually am cold.

2. I go out and hunt the turkey from the butchers. I gather the vegetables from the supermarket and greengrocers and last year I ordered a rolled and boned bird. However it was wrong! What I was supposed to ask for was a 500 pound turkey to feed the four grown-ups and two small people in the house. So I had to go back and change the order.
Last week I went to my nice butcher and said I will have a 6/7lb dead bird please. She smiled politely and said you can have a 10 lb one if you would like. So I agreed and took the nice raffle ticket she gave me (#189 since you ask). When I told CK what I had done he said (wait for it!) 'I thought we had agreed we were having a saddle of turkey this year?' What!?!?!?!?!? So braving the driving gales and horizontal rain I went back and discussed with several of the butchers what I should order (Huh? A saddle of turkey? Would that be a lambturkey madam?). After the laughing stopped I was put down for an eight lb rolled&boned turkey breast. At least I think that is what I have done, I was wet

3. I collected the laundry before the Laundrette closed for the weekend. CK took the dirty bucket in while I was in London and it has been sitting there in its clean bucket since. But now we have clothes again! Yippee! Because I was still wet!

4. Before being able to send off my parcels to Australia I had to drive 12 miles along the sodden delightful English country roads, up hill and down again and through roadwide puddles to buy Sylvia the fabric she loved while here. As I may have mentioned before nearby is a fabulous fabric warehouse type place & the range of quilting materials they stock is enormous. I wish I had had a chance to photograph the fat quarters I purchased b/c they were quite lovely but there was just 15 minutes to wrap, parcel them up and get to the Post Office before it closed. But being nice daughter I bought two celtic patterns and three japanese print ones. None were my favourite but she will think them triffic. It was raining down there too. Crossing the road to buy some of my favourite scented candles I got wet again.

5. I bought my sister's birthday present too. She needs five more balls of Rowan Cotton Glace and can't track them down at home so I will get lots of points for providing them but I will lose most b/c I won't be posting until Monday which is her actual birthday :-(

6. I finished the back and began the sleeve of my first ever children's jumper. I am trying to get it done for Xmas for one of the borrowed children but I have frogged it completely once and partially once. Last night it involved scissors too. It seems like it may be miles too big even though I have gone down a whole size but it can always be for her birthday in February. She might have grown by then.

Would you like to see perhaps one of the cutest pictures ever? Scroll on...........


  1. The world in my parts has gone stark raving bonkers today. I queued to get into Waitrose car park for half an hour before I gave up and came home. I went back 3 hours later and got in. The shops are packed to the rafters with soggy people, all hunting for that 'perfect something' ... I didn't stand a chance. Waitrose was so crowded, I bumped trollies lots of times (and not even with anyone handsome :-( ) and finally got home - wet, windswept, and not in the best of moods.

    So I've eaten a bar of chocolate, and now feel quite a lot better. :-D x

  2. :0 when I read your blog and Kitt's as well it reminds me of a truckdriver who I got to know for awhile when he first came over here...the terms you both use are the same as brings a smile to my face when I read things like launderette and stark raving bonkers....:):):)

  3. Well it sounds like you soggily got loads done! Give yourself a pat on your very soggy back! Lucy x