Thursday, 17 January 2008

A day I could do without (or the joy of modern medicine).

Not that I wish this to be a whingefest but if you are expecting a pleasant post perhaps you should come back another day. Because I am sick.

No seriously, sick. In the past 24 hours I have contracted some form of hilltop malaria that leaves a girl shaken, aching, freezing and baking. All within the space of 30 minutes. I am sure it must be malaria as no simple virus would have me taking to my bed for a whole day! It must be said that HTW is very pleased to have a reason to lounge in bed snoozing next to me.

Of course the upside to it all is - as I have the 'hilltop malaria bug' the treatment is relatively straightforward and can be administered with very little outlay of energy. (Definitely a bonus.) It involves ginger biscuits, ibuprofen, quantities of water, paracetemol and Y.O.T.'s yummy red grapes. Quinine just doesn't make the grade. Sadly the effects take quite some time to kick in and don't last anywhere long enough but after a morning spent curled up under the duvet napping and freezing at the same time I rallied sufficiently to get clean, have some cereal for lunch and find clean pyjamas.

That is the odd thing about 'hilltop malaria' - my bones are exploding b/c of the rapid change in body temps but I don't have a headache and I still have some sort of appetite! How weird is that? Although I suppose it makes sense to keep the body energised so that some really good shivers and shakes can take place!!

Enough about that vicious yet amazing bug that I seem have contracted.

Guess what has happened with my cocoa swapper? She thinks I am sufficiently fabulous that she has set up a special blog for us to comminucate! No it has nothing to do with us being unable to talk via email - it is all because I am sooooo special. (You got that bit about me having a rare bug, right?!)

This week's question for the cocoa swap is whether your knitting has altered to meet the changing season and I have to say not. Because I am not one of those clever knitters (you met Mr. Snootyknickers) who make beautiful big shawls, jumpers, pullovers or socks. It doesn't seem to matter what the weather is when you are knitting toys! I just keep plugging along using wool, acrylic or cotton as the mood and creature takes me.

I am off now to create something lovely for someone in a port town and to take more of the 'anti-hilltop malarial' medications


  1. Oh no, that 'hilltop malaria' is the worst!!! Sorry to hear you are feeling hot/cold/achey/shivery and hope it's quickly cured by your impressive array of remedies :)
    I won't mention the lovely notebook I've won again as it'll exacerbate your already delicate condition!
    Lesley x

  2. I"m so sorry you are sick! Take care!

  3. Awww, sorry to read you're not well (((Trashalou))) ... hope you feel much better soon. We had the lurgi last week - this week are all much better. I hope yours passes very soon. x

  4. Oh no! Sorry that you're not well :o( I hope the medications (combined with plenty duvet time) make you feel hunky-dory again very soon.

    Take care,

  5. Oooh - sorry to hear that you're feeling crappy .... just stay on that hill-top, ok? And don't go passing it all around.

    So. Where's the link to this fabulous new blog between you and your cocoa buddy??


  6. Sorry that you are not feeling well - we've a touch of something yucky here but I'm doing my best to ignore it with the hopes that it will tire of the bad treatment and go away.

    On a positive note - all that shaking is burning off the cereal calories!

    Fell better soon.