Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Something new and delightful.

After the self-absorption of the last two posts I thought it might make for a nice change if I mention some lovely things. Or as the heading has it 'something new and delightful'.

Have been doing some of that fun blog-hopping this afternoon while the two 'big' girls (3&4) are busy magicking toy cats back to life using (obviously) dead cat magic that lives in a crown! And I have come across this great image. Miss Magda suggest using it for embroidery but I can see it painted onto all sorts of things.

And then just a little bit late I am able to show you the beautiful fabric I used for a borrowed child's Christmas present. (Good grief! These two are having an awful lot of death and dying in this game. Fortunately 'The Prince' is coming to make them alive again!)

(Who knew I would learn how to lay out a corpse from a four year old? A 4 y.o.who is the actual corpse!)

Then through the magic of scissors, (not living in a crown though)

and the joy that is iron-on interfacing

we end up with the nearly finished, seasonal baby bunting.

I wasn't actually clever enough to get a photie before I gave it away but I was really pleased with it and have enough prepped tringles (deliberate spelling - honest!) left over to do more for next year.

Over the weekend I picked up a pair of 3.5 mm needles and some fluffy pink wool the proceeded to knit out the spaces that were NOT pig-shaped. By Monday night I was left with this....

I feel he may have to be called Mr.SnootyKnickers because his nose is stuck way high in the air even though I got rid of all the not-pig space in the prescribed way.

And this is my favourite current way of painting backgrounds (the swoosh of colour, not with a pen). Do you like it?

I started creating a something last night that may possibly be for someone who lives up on the Severn somewhere. And I am really pleased with it so far. I have sneaking suspicion that I like my knitting just like my men - simple AND interesting.

One of the lovliest things that is possible in the land of Blogville happened to me the other day - the delightful Missus Moog gave me a 'You make my day' award! Me getting an award?! Dead chuffed I was and all I did for it was share my thoughts with y'all.

When I told CK he suggested the award be given to anyone who reads this page as he says he knows how hard it can be to wade through and make sense of my thoughts put onto a page. I believe after nine months of letters from Australia he was considering therapy!

Oo! Maybe I could use Miss Magda's lovely pattern on that little box?! Ooo!


  1. Sounds like an interesting game they're playing over there! Love Mr SnootyKnickers. He has my nephew's nose! Let's just hope he doesn't have said nephew's snooty disposition that he has obviously inherited from my snooty sis-in-law ;)
    Lesley x

  2. Yes, I have a snooty sister-in-law too! I don't know about yours but mine knows everything has been everywhere, done loads more than I have and is by far cleverer than anyone in the whole wide world ever!

    A saucer of milk for table three please!

  3. Oh, you and Lesley are bad bad bad!!! Hope that saucer of milk didn't turn sour! Love Mr Snooty-Knickers and nearly understand about knitting out all the non-pink pig bits but only if I screw up my eyes and think really really hard!!!! Any more news on that Easter swap you were going to organise Mrs Trash???

  4. Hello there swapsie partner.

    I love your Mr SnootyKnickers - he looks fab. Is there a pattern of is he your own design?

  5. Oh, I think Mr. Snootyknickers is fab!
    And I don't think you're weird (to quote you! teehee). But of all the fabulous food in the world, you think Jolly Ranchers are the best snack? Gosh, girl. Maybe you need to get out more??

    Happy knitting...

  6. That Mr Snootyknickers is adorable. Painting backgrounds...backgrounds for what?

  7. Morning Mrs Trash - thanks for your comments re: poorly children and builders. Mr Rooferman has been banging away since 7.45am, Moog is coping remarkably well - maybe she's going deaf - and Minx is back at school but her brother switched on the tears and has wangled a day off with 'very bad tummy ache and a giddy head' - after his sister's sicky stuff I didn't want to risk sending him in.

    Now kind of wishing I'd toughed it out as he has cheered up 'surprisingly' well.

    Re: the sis-in-law thing - all 3 of mine are a nightmare in their own special ways - my F-in-L said it must be me as I'm the common denominator!!!

    I'll scratch his eyes out once I've finished sharpening my claws on the furniture!

    Ooooh, did I see right? An Easter swap? I'll play :)

    Lesley xx

  8. ooh OOH oooooohhhhh! i *LOVE* mr. snooty-knickers! he is ENTIRELY & completely *fab*!!!!!

    (i am intrigued by the small-child roleplaying as described!!! but when they start doing AUTOPSIES on each other...no more CSI!!!) :)

  9. OMGosh I totally love Mr. Snootyknickers... :-)

    So cute!

  10. Mr snootyknickers is adorably cute! This is your cocoa buddy. For some reason my hotmail account is not letting me receive your emails , not nice. I am working on an idea though.

  11. hi, me again. I made a blog attached to this name to communicate. hope that is alright.