Saturday, 19 January 2008

Shadow Ballet

Tonight as I lie in my freshly made bed, my poor 'hilltop malarial' body racked with shakes and shivers, Princess Curly-Wurly has been entertaining me with shadow ballet on the ceiling. Both she and her shadow are incredibly elegant. As she is the daughter of a woman with all the natural grace of a mountain elephant I am continually amazed by how graceful she has become.

Shadow Ballet involves standing relatively still and dancing, mostly with your arms, in front of a light source. Having the light source at an angle gives for greater display of movement. Perhaps the best way to appreciate this art form is from a semi-prone position on clean bed linen having just had hand cream rubbed into your hands, fingers and arms by the performer. I certainly found it worked very well.

Some examples of skill & cleverness from those graceful hands. I know there is nothing to give these scale but they were weeny, free standing and completely self-supporting. Not an easy thing to achieve with plasticine!

I have been so proud of my girl since Wednesday night when the (by now infamous) 'hilltop malaria' first got up and whacked me about the head and shoulders.

On arrival home from ballet I collopsed on the yellow couch in a big heap with 750 different blankets and layers and coats and scarves and hats arranged about my person for shiver abatement purposes. My brave Princess Curly-Wurly Girlie said to not worry, that she would make dinner tonight. And she did! My baby girl made beans on toast for her and her brother. And ever since she has been looking for ways to help, stroking my head, bringing me drinks, sharing her sweetie-bobs with me and then tonight introducing me to the delights of Shadow Ballet.

For that if not all the other fabulous things she has done for me this week I would like to award to Princess Curly-Wurly a 'you make my day' award.


  1. Huge congratulations to Princess Curly Wurly on her award - it sounds very well deserved!!!!

    Hope you feel better soon Trashalou!

    Lucy xxx

  2. Aw, bless her - she does sounds like an absolute little star. And I love those plasticine perching birdies: very clever indeed!

    Get well soon Trash,

  3. When I was suffering the lurgification the other week, I was coming round from one of my numerous 'sleeps' to find No.1 sitting by my side, kissing my forehead. Awww, bless her - tis nice when they look after us isn't it?

    Well done Princess C-W - you must be a good mum ;-) x

  4. Oh poor you! I hope you are feeling much better soon.

    What a sweetie girl you have to help when Mum is feeling like crap.

    Good job you, Miss CW Princess.

  5. Hope you are feeling on top of it soon. I know what you mean about those swans but they have been relocated these days - no swans, or very very few anyway.

    Get better soon and give us a review of the camers !!!

  6. Dear Mrs Trash,

    Please could you pass on my sincerest congratulations to Princess Curly Wurly for her much deserved award.
    I wish you all the very best for a full and speedy recovery from your 'hilltop malaria'.

    With kind regards,

    Mrs Moogsmum x