Sunday, 20 January 2008

Are things slipping?

Two very smart looking gentlemen out for an early morning mosey last Summer!

I think today I might be a little better. Or perhaps I hit the drug balance right?

Given that I am not curled up screaming under the duvet and (so much more importantly) have actually done some knitting today I have my fingers crossed. However I have cancelled work for the week because I think I just need to rest for a bit if this revolting and vicious 'hilltop malaria' is really making its way back to whatever sludge pit it oozed out of. (Yes I recognise the grammar is abysmal but in my defence we were never formally taught it at school!)

The other thing slipping that concerns me is homework. Not mine, although undoubtedly there would be lots left from when I was at school as I never finished ANYTHING, but Pr. C-W's. She has to do a river project on any river they choose in the whole wide world (purses mouth in ironic manner). For family reasons she choose the River Murray, Australia. Do you know how many books they have in our little country CofE primary school library with info about this HUGE river system? One lousy map. That is it!

Of course this perfectly reasonable and why would they have more but *phew* it sure is making our life hard. So my problem is.... how much help is too much and becomes me doing it? Because I don't want to be that parent who is cross b/c 'our' work only got a B. On the other hand I want her to learn the methods for gathering, identifying and collating information. For understanding the research and then being able to present in her own way so it is comprehensible for her age group.

This is something no-one ever explained to me and I spent years thinking that I was just supposed to know information b/c obviously getting it from a source would be plagiarism! I accept that she is only nine and therefore this is only Yr.4 but if she can learn these things now at the 'easy' stages it will make life so much more simple in the tricky ones. For both of us!

A reminder that it hasn't always rained!


  1. Yep ... I can relate to that. I well remember a project about Kenya - couldn't find any decent books in the library so we hit the interweb. I do think it's perfectly reasonable for us to 'teach' our kids how to find information, and that extends to scanning web pages for relevant facts.

    So glad you are starting to feel better - your malaria sounds awful.

    Oh, and we earned Merit Points for our Kenya project. ;-) x

  2. hello
    thought I check your blog out aswell...since you laughed at my coment in Pioneers blog. ;-)(where I wrote as AK)
    My english is swedish school english, and that means a little bit bad...but not as bad as, let's say french english..or chinese english....
    I havent figured out who you are or what you are about yet..but I'll be scalking around here for a while getting to know you...if that's doable just by reading a blog...?
    As you already know my blog's in swedish, but I think you can figure out how to leave a comment (just a hint):-D

  3. Sorry to hear you've been sick. I hope you get better soon.

  4. So I've been reading about your b'day pressie .... have I missed the actual day itself or is it yet to come?

    Whichever ... I'm very jealous of said gift.

    And I hope you had / have a great one .... without other people's children, obviously!!


  5. Heya Miss trash - send me an email (from my profile page) and I'll give you the sites we use at school for the kids to find info.