Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Visual Acuity. (Or 'my poor tortured soul')

Did you know, while I have been thrashing around on my sickbed, just downstairs in the dining room has been something I have lusted after in one form or another for nearly 20 years? It is just sitting there, half in/half out of its box. Quietly sitting. Quietly teasing me. But I am better than that. I have (very nearly) competely ignored it and we are now on the downhill slide with just eight more sleeps until my birthday. (edited: it was eight when I started, technically it is now seven.)

But that doesn't mean I don't hear its siren song.

Ever since we agreed purchasing this camera would be a good thing I have started to 'look' at things. A billion years ago when I owned an SLR in a previous life I looked at things always 'through the lens'. This is neither as pretentious or selfish as it sounds because 1. I was young and excited about this amazing thing called 'photography' I had discovered and 2. I didn't have kids, dogs or a partner then so my time was my own.

In recent days, when I have actually managed to complete my share of 'white ceiling , pointless staring at' for the day , my focus seems to have been brought into clearer definition. Not because of the Zen aspects to the ceiling staring, rather I am thinking like an SLR user again. I feel my visual comprehension of colour and texture is being sharpened. This probably sounds like a 'Pseud's Corner' excerpt!

It may well be how all you sewers, quilters and proper knitters feel all the time anyway. Looking at how colours merge together or retreat quickly from one another depending on the light. The reaction of texture to shadow. Trying to fix whatever you have in your mind's eye so the finished piece shares the same clarity. Being open to the fortunes of a lucky accident. Honestly? It is a mindset I have been out of properly for many years.

This week's discovery is that my world around here is suddenly full of interesting angles.

I hope I can share them with you.

CK made danish pastries on the weekend with the kids.

I wish he had used butter like everyone else!


  1. Well done on resisting the lure of your new toy thus far. I can't wait to see all the wonderfulness you see through its lens. x

  2. You are very strong minded Missus! I'm looking forward to some lovely photos of your angles :)

    Lesley xx

  3. Is it just me or have you gone all philosophical since you've been ill?

    I too am always on the lookout for something to photograph, so I'll be very interested in your forthcoming pics.

    Did you get my emails yet? I have a monkee tote with your name on it .... well, a monkee's face on it actually, but you get the idea .... but maybe I have a wrong email address for you?

    Do you still want said monkee tote? (Answers on a postcard please .... or an email if you prefer)