Wednesday, 23 January 2008

What can I say? I was sick!!

Did you notice the picture of glorious loveliness at the end of the last post? Was it not shiny and pretty and sparkly and floaty?

I bought it yesterday while I was waiting to collect my drugs from the chemist.

There isn't much of it and there is a six inch pulled section smack bang in the middle of what there is but... its prettiness just makes me smile.

Then of course I needed ribbon. I wanted something that would complement the material but not disappear, hoping it would act as accent for a flower colour. The nice lady in our very old-fashioned haberdasherey suggested this gauzy sparkly purple one. Pretty, no?! Hmmmm.. it looks kinda blue up there huh? Trust me it really is purple.

Obviously I am completely prescient and bought it b/c I knew ricrac would put up a post yesterday about her beautiful little purses.

Now in all honesty I will never make that purse and it is quite likely nothing will ever happen to that fabric either. But I can add it to my '*sigh* list' and imagine making it.


  1. ooooooooooooooh! now see, even just folded up on a shelf in your closet...this is soooo worth buying. LUCIOUS! :)

  2. Sometimes fabric and ribbon is just ASKING to be bought and left on the side, to admire and handle and enjoy.

    I loved those purses of Jodie's aren't they fab? x

  3. Well sometimes you just have to buy fabric and ribbon, just because - and you don't even need to be sick to do it!!! Lucy x

  4. I'm with everyone else here - you don't have to make anything out of it just knowing you've got something lovely is more than worth it!

    I agree about the purses - beautiful!

    Lesley xx

    p.s. please note my presence even though the man of the house is still here 'working' - I forced him to set up my laptop so I could still come out to play :)

  5. Ooh gorgeous fabric. Maybe you should just keep it as it is to admire. Or fondle, mmmmmm.

    And thanks for the comment on my blog!

  6. I'm always tempted to buy the pretty asian silky cloth without even a semblance of a plan for it because it's just so soft and shiny :)