Tuesday, 26 February 2008

All your questions answered right here!

Patti's answer to the last post's question was "Hmm. Tough one. How about alternating between the two. Bet you didn't think that one day you'd be asking people to comment on your "jugs" on the internet."

Sadly Patti, the answer is actually yes! Yes, I did one day think that people on the innernets around the world would be looking at and commenting on my jugs. Now before you all begin to a) turn away in disgust thinking I am nothing but a weirdy perv or b) read on avidly only to be majorly disappointed let me explain. Come with me on a tale of one girl's dreams and hopes of a simple life.......................

......................I like jugs (ref: a/b clarification above) both functionally and aesthetically and so (only a little bit deliberately) I seem to be amassing a collection. After some months of discussion CK finally put up the shelf for them to live on. Given that this is the house where discussions over an essential kitchen extension are in now in their tenth year six months doesn't seem a long time to wait!!! (It is a loooong story for another time when we have made progress.) I digress....

........... Half jokingly for many years I have been saying one day I am going to open a kitchenware shop specialising in jugs and especially since playing on the innernets my plan has been to call it Just Jugs (hence the prev. post title) figuring I would either get people who wanted to purchase pouring vesels or those who were so mortified at coming to the wrong place (works better in real life situation than real imaginary one) that they would have spent loads of money to ease their guilt and embarrassment. Well..... a girl can dream right?

So Patti, I have in fact spent many happy hours imagining people looking at, commenting on and hopefully wanting take home my 'jugs' on the innernet!

Having looked at both those photos again I have come to the conclusion that we are going for pretty and pointless.

thanks for all your help :-)


  1. Glad that's cleared up then ;)


  2. Now that doesn't actually sound that odd to me.

    A jug shop would be fantastic. It would have to be combined with a wool shop too. One day I will run (preferably own,but I will be content with working there) a wool shop.

    I have a collection of jugs too. I just love the little potbellied fellas. And the other shapes are really cool too.

    One day I'll get them out and we can compare jugs.

  3. According to the Statcounter on my page, a lot of people who are looking for 'nipples' end up at my blog. I'm sure they're very sadly disappointed since I'm not aware of ever having displayed any nipples whatsoever.

    You, young lady, are now going to have zillions of people who have googled 'jugs'. ;-) x

  4. Glad you've come to a decision on the direction of your jugs. Which are very nice by the way :o) (Hope that doesn't sound too rude and/or personal!)

  5. Forgot to say....

    Wowee. That is a fantastic service you provide.

    I post a random question and then I bumble off to work. By the time I bumble home again you've dedicated a whole post to my silly question.

    (ps sorry if the whole jugs double entendre thingy was a bit rude and/or tired and obvious. Though with word verif like eclpwmop I'm inclined to think of more annoying things to say. What are you doing to my keyboard?)

  6. Sorry! I seem to have missed your previous post! I definitely like the jugs looking pretty and pointless and would have to have them all facing the same way! Do let me know when you open your jug shop - I love them too!

    Lucy xx

  7. Spending a whole Blog message on the wonders of a jug is worrying.You need to take up Boxing pretty quick.