Monday, 25 February 2008

Just Jugs. Facing left or right?

Thanks for all your lovely messages about us 'going home'. I would ask you to keep us in your thoughts but as we won't be travelling until mid-December I'm sure you have better things to be thinking about.

Did you click on that link to the Great Ocean Road? I loved that picture so much I now have it as my wallpaper.

A little crafting has been happening over the last few days. There may have been some sort of lepine* creating and a little de-making. Plus I am finally putting the finishing touches to the giveaway gifts. I believe the ladies can expect them sometime before the GTH!

Am feeling guilty and a little bad that I haven't put up pictures of the gorgeous and fabulous parcel my fellow swapper V.C. sent for Valentine's but in my defense... well actually I am just crap. But it is a bit tricky working the camera focus as I whizz wildly dancing to the cd of Valentine's Day Number 1s from the last 30 odd years. As to images of the rest I think that someone (obviously NOT me) has eaten all evidence; I am suggesting the hippo....... (whistles tunelessly while looking at the sky and all around).

I am sure Moogsmum will testify to the fact that I not only rec'd said parcel but have been wearing the fabulous flower corsage that was in it. Wearing it everywhere on my best and favourite 'wear it everywhere' coat so EVERYONE sees it!

So now I come to you with a question.

An important question.

One which needs serious consideration.

Pretty and pointless?


Useful and ugly?

Seriously. I need to know!

* I may have made this one up but I couldn't find the 'ine' group name for rabbits, you know like porcine = pigs, equine = horses, etc, etc.


  1. personally...i'm goin' with "fancy-n-fabulous"!!! :)

  2. In the spirit of compromise you could have some with handles out and some with 'pouring side' (lip? spout?) out? Or do you have an OCD leaning which would be offended by same?

    Either way, they look pretty good to me! x

  3. Hmm. Tough one. How about alternating between the two.

    Bet you didn't think that one day you'd be asking people to comment on your "jugs" on the internet.

  4. pretty and pointless wins everytime.

  5. I much prefer pretty and pointless and I do say those are rather fabulous jugs you have there!!

    Yes VC I can confirm that your lovely corsage was very much in evidence on Trashy's coat. I could see literally thousands of people admiring it too :)


  6. I read "jugs" and thought, er, this is a family blog, isn't it?

    We call those things "pitchers" around here ;o)