Thursday, 14 February 2008

Look who came to live at my house!

(This is an edit. It was meant to be posted last night (14/02) but about 10:00pm Babyman woke up screaming and didn't stop for some hours - it felt like hours anyway!)

This is my new friend. His name is Pinkus (so dubbed by Princess Curly-Wurly). This clever creature has come a terribly long way. The lovely Turtle sent him in my fabulous 'Mmmmm.... hot cocoa swap' package all the way from America.

When he turned up here all he wanted was to get out into the sunshine. Fortunately for him we are in the grip of a sunny-not cold wave. We took him to the Library but sadly it was closed on a Wednesday afternoon.

As we couldn't look at English books we visited a lovely shop.

Then we came home and did drawing.

Apparently this is what Pinkus saw in the box on the way over here.

There was lots of lovely stuff in my parcel - two fabulous and different types of cocoa/hot chocolate, yarn, a hippo and (funniest of all) some gorgeous foot beautifier stuff. I say funniest b/c I am famed in several continents for having possibly the stinkiest feet ever in the history of the universe!

Hello!!?!? HIPPO! In my house!

Look how wide his mouth opens!!

After life getting in the way several times yesterday I finished off 'this most romantic of evenings' by sharing this with CK.

He didn't want any. Hahahahahahahahaha!


  1. Oh! Such a shame CK didn't want any chocolate, NOT!!!!!!

  2. Awww, I'm loving Pinkus - he's fab! x

  3. Ooh, what a nice parcel - I especially like that Hippo!

  4. Cute hippo and great little creature - what a great parcel.

  5. love the hippo and pinkus, so cute!

  6. Glad pinkus made it safely to you! I hope the goodies were enjoyed, hippo thought he could come in handy to store all your knitting odds and ends. It was fun getting to "stalk" your blog and get to know yoU!