Thursday, 14 February 2008

'Ooo! What a good idea!!!' I thought.

Possibly I am being a bit presumptuous but you have all been and seen Monkee Maker today right?

Now that she has been initiated to the delights of Picasa there will be no stopping her I am sure but one of her creations gave me an urge to do the same at my house.

So this afternoon my borrowed child and I trawled downstairs to see where we could find heart shapes.

I think we did pretty well.


  1. So much Picasa prettiness going on round blogsville - I must check it out. Lovely collage. x

  2. THAT'S NOT FAIR!!! You've got more hearts at your house!!

    Lovely collage, Trash, and yes, you're right, now I have the power of Picasa behind me THERE WILL BE NO STOPPING ME ..... mwah ha ha .... Mwah ha ha ..... MWAH HA HA ....

    ..... ahem. Sorry ....


  3. Gorgeous!!!!

    I have to go and play with Picasa but DH wants me to get away from the computer for just one night - what is a girl to do?????