Thursday, 7 February 2008

We had Christmas today!

Having missed Christmas due to the postal system a few years ago my mother sent our holiday parcel in August.

She fully expected said box to arrive while she was here in November.

It didn't.

Nor did it come for Christmas.

In fact it completely missed January as well.

After six months she was starting to imagine that sharks and dolphins were wearing the inevitable Christmas pullovers (T.G. usually avoiding ones with 'interesting' pictures and applique) and playing with the kids' stuff. But no!!!

Look what the Parcel Force man brought to my house today!

Then we unwrapped it!

Oooooooooooooooo!!! Christmas!

Babyman is loving the whole hot drinks thing - I think he gets it from his father.

On the other hand Princess Curly-Wurly couldn't do coy to save her life. It automatically comes out as superior.


  1. :-O 6 months for a parcel from Oz? Blimey, I'm amazed - ParcelForce have surpassed themselves this time. Glad you all had a nice late Christmas though - sometimes it's nice to 'spread out' the present-opening. x

  2. Even though it's annoying that it took so long to arrive it must be fun to have a second Christmas! Did you get some lovely goodies? Lucy x

  3. 6 months?!!!

    At least it got there in the end and what a lovely 'Christmas' surprise for the children!

    Great coy face Princess CW ;)


  4. wow, that took a loooooong time. I hope they carried it by balloon or something to justify the time :-)

    glad you had a nice "christmas"!

  5. That is indeed scary. I mean, I can understand a package taking a bit of time to travel from point A to point B but six months?!

    The Royal Mail service must've accidentally kicked it under the desk of a woman on maternity leave. When she got back, she found this box under her desk and shunted it to the proper place for delivery to you.

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