Friday, 22 February 2008

Wedding anniversary today. Manslaughter gets less!

Unbelievably CK and I are now very definitely into our second decade of incarceration in an institution wedded bliss!

Whichever timezone you reside in February 22 is very definitely or very nearly over and so is our anniversary. In the years since that hot afternoon by the Yarra he has lost even more hair colour and a moustache while I have gained the odd ounce and we are both now the proud possessors of an extra dog and two growing children.

Usually this day is given the same in depth level of attention and care as Valentine's Day. As in we kind of remember a day or so after, which is kind of funny b/c we chose 22/02 as CK was more likely to remember such a date. Truth be told he is usually the one who clocks it first.

Unlike most years it has coincided with half term and he has most of this week off so we went out for lunch today. Yes, sounds good huh? A romantic lunch looking over the very pretty local vistas you may be thinking but no. A cramped table for four with wooden bench seats at the local greasy spoon was our lunch place today. But the kids had fun and surely that is all that matters, right? Right?!

School goes back on Monday and Babyman's shoes were in such an appalling state the bin ate them as soon as we came last Friday; so having exhausted the possibilities up on our hilltop we headed west to a BIG town and spoke to the can't be arsed nice sales staff. Not only did he get school shoes he hates ( I am such a good mother I made him cry in the shop and walked away) but there was something extra waiting there.

This shop is famous for having shoes in every size but usually the ones in mine are made for the 'blind transvestite' market but look what I found in the back corners of this shoe shop!!!!!!

Now I am not a heels kind of gal (Moogsmum may kindly attest to this) but good grief!! look at these! And they are kind of comfy (in a 'don't make em wear these too long' kind of way). *sigh*

And best bit? CK said he would buy them as an anniversary present. Generous huh? Well only kind of b/c it is a joint account but I appreciated the thought.

I am off now to open the chilled bottle of champagne we were given for Christmas.


  1. Woohooo - look at you in your posh shoes! Very nice too.

    I too tried to buy shoes today - No.2 has grown. However the shop didn't have any in his size ... apart from light brown ones ... which would have looked very strange with his school uniform.

    Happy Anniversary to you and CK. x

  2. TWENTY YEARS WED???? Blimey Charlie!! I don't know what you look like but you certainly don't "sound" old enough to be married for that long .... you were obviously a child bride! Happy Anniversary, I hope the champagne was lovely.

    And oooooh - new shoes? Fabulous!


    ps. .... you can tell me you know .... I won't be upset .... you don't want the monkee bag, do you? .....

  3. Happy Anniversary - 20 years, that's impressive!

    Love the new shoes too!

    Lucy x

  4. Happy anniversary - they look like dancin' shoes trash - get your groove on!

  5. Gorgeous shoes Trashy and so glad to hear the shoe shopping experience was a joyful one for the little Trashes too!!!

    With shoes like that I may have to call you Poshalou from now on!! Shame you didn't have them on Tuesday to wear at the country park - you'd have looked like one of the Yummy Mummy Gang that was much in evidence;)


  6. You could always get those out your recent winnings?

    Congratulations missus x

  7. Do you have big feet?

    I can't relate to high heels.... but tears in a shoe shop? oh yes, being frog marched into Clarks and have the assistant say the only pair of shoes that fitted me were the ugliest in the entire shop - the memories come flooding back.

  8. happy anniversary! and, I love the shoes!!

  9. Girlfirend - that man of yours will be coming to THE RIGHT place to buy you shoes (esp with the British pound so strong against the US dollar). Give me the details of his travel and your shoe size and I'll happily help a girl out : )