Sunday, 2 March 2008

Any Australians reading? Picture help required.

If you feel this post will not apply to you feel free to jump straight to the bottom for a quilt update.

Princess Curly-Wurly is doing a school project on rivers and for some reason has chosen to focus her project on the Murray River specifically. We are heading into the homestraight of putting it all together and she has done a terrific job of researching and understanding the material. I am really quite proud of her, focus is not her forte so this has been a hard slog.

My query comes now. Does anyone reading this in Australia have any recent-ish pictures of the Murray and its surrounds? We have garnered some from the world wide innernets but would love ones that can be pinpointed to a specific place on the map.

Can you help?

From the bottom of her pencilcase Princess C-Dub thanks you for your time.

For your delight and to reward the non-Australians reading through I include a gratuitous picture of lovely craft.

Our apple quilt is in its final stages and would probably have been finished by now except Sylv was sick last week and also decided she didn't like there being a seam up the middle on the back. I did suggest it would be okay (plus that she was crazy) as only CK and I would see it. She protested saying it would make her happy and it wouldn't take much to UNDO the whole thing!!!! At this point I told her she was completely crazy and we wouldn't even know.

But it made no difference and she has stripped the whole thing back to its individual pieces b/c she didn't like the batting! Seriously she is crazy!!


  1. Yup - gorgeous apple quilt, craaaazy Sylv!!!!

  2. No.1 and I viewed the quilt at the same time, and both said 'wow!' (which meant we could hook little fingers and make a wish) - it is stunning! Really fabulous - I love it.

    Sorry, can't help on the River thing - Thames, yes; Murray, nope.


  3. Thanks girlies. Yes Kitty it really is stunning isn't it? AND she won't tell me what it is being backed with!!! I shall have to wait a few more months until it gets here and enjoy the grand reveal.

  4. Love the quilt!

    I don't think I'd have the heart to undo and redo the back but I can understand why a master quilter would do so.

    Ever read Jennifer Chiaverinni's Elm Creek Quilt novels?

  5. Can't help with the river but am in awe of the quilt. Gorgeous!