Saturday, 1 March 2008

Lent. Faith. Guilt. And hand-made rabbits.

My lovely Bunny Hop Swap pal, TillyBoo has been sending me delicious emails which play right into both the swap & the religious theme of this month. Now hands up here b/c God and I have had serious political differences for many years but agreed some time ago to agree to disagree. But those many years of Catholicism do not fade quickly.

The other day the fresh and fantastic TillyBoo dropped me a line to say she was near enough to posting off her parcel except for the whole HAND-MADE card thing (Oh wail! Lament! How could I have forgotten that when signing up to this? There is a torment to a girl's soul right there.) How organised is my partner? How lucky am I to be the recipient of someone sooo organised? Very, let me tell you. Plus she is a little bit funny y'know (in a ha-ha kind of way).

So then I get an email asking if I would like my bunny to be a surprise b/c she can restrain herself no longer and is itching to post about it. I am a kind and generous sort of soul and replied 'surprise me'. Which she did by writing asking for clarification. (And I am looking for benediction here..) My reply was ' and I shall not look. '

How noble am I? So noble that when I went collect the link for above Princess Curly-Wurly held sheets of paper over the screen so I wouldn't see! (I giggled a little b/c my kids didn't even bat an eyelid at such a request - does this mean they are used to living with lunacy?) Yesterday rec'd notification that le lapin had hit the Royal Mail and I should expect soonest but was I sure I didn't want to go and have a little look-see? Just a peek?

Oh! The temptation that was laid before me! Now I am not lost nor am I in a desert and anyone who actually gives stuff up for Lent - good on 'em but oh! Get thee behind me Satan!! I was sitting there with a metaphorical, metaphysical construct on each shoulder whispering in each ear. So being a good recovering Catholic I sent them all packing and denied myself the sneak preview.

Now off to a choir competition with Princess C-Dub and 30 of her closest friends.

Back now.

There were three choirs in our group and one sang sea shanties! The other lot went for the cute factor and fronted their choir with a really sweet little tiny girl complete with pigtails and long socks pulled up to her knees. And being a new millenium there were no winners but everyone came home with a very pretty certificate and some pleasant words ringing in their ears from the nice adjudicator man.

CK was out when I got home but knowing it would be my first port of call he placed a rather lovely parcel on top of the laptop. How exciting!

And then more inside!

*sigh* I am so lucky. Must go now and finish my return offering!


  1. You mad women ! That, m'dear was a very funny (ha1 ha!) post. How good are you not to cheat, I'm impressed.

    So glad you like the ickle fella. Hope he is behaving and not leaving you raisins all over your carpet.

  2. Awesome ! I knew it would be lovely, Tillyboo is so creative - her critters are so full of personality. And you are a very very very good girl.

  3. My daughter is Tillyboo's biggest fan. If she mentions one more time 'Pleeeeeeeeeease will you get me/make me a Hugglie' I swear I will do something drastic.

    Love your little rabbit - will you name him/her?


  4. I'm agog at your restraint Trashy. You have nerves of steel that's for sure!!
    I love that the kids played along with your lunacy :)

    Your Easter Bunny is fab and now I shallpay Tillyboo a visit to see what she's up to...

    Happy Mother's Day!!


  5. Oooh, lovely bunny!

    And thank you for mentioning the card because I was so swept away byt the excitement of bunny making that I had completely forgotten that too - oh help! I don't "do" cards with any skill at all!

  6. What a lovely Bunny - and what surprising restraint Mrs Trashy! I'm very very impressed! Love the bit about the paper over the screen - I don't think mine would bat an eyelid at that kind of request from me either - says a lot about us really doesn't it?

    Lucy xx