Thursday, 27 March 2008

A modern day fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a snail. His name was Soucho. He was a very happy snail, filled with the joys of the ever approaching Spring. With the sun shining so brightly in the sky Soucho thought it was the perfect day for a walk.

There are so many interesting things to see - Oo! Hello there!! Would you like to join me?

{{quiver, quiver}} What's that hiding in the shadows? I don't think I like it. I've read Hairy McClary.... {{quiver, shake}}


No matter which way I turn, there it is! Aaaaaargh!!!!

Run away! Run away!

So Soucho raced at top speed (about 0.62 kilometres per hour) to a lovely dark spot under a rock until Scarface Claw went home to have a sparrow for tea.

Everybody lived happily ever after. Except the sparrow.


Many thanks to the fabulous Missus Moogsmum for her lovely craft ability in creating Babyman's friend, Soucho.


  1. Scarface Claw is scary (I have read them too)

  2. So glad Soucho is a 'fast' sprinter - that Scarface Claw is not to be messed with!!
    We love Hairy McClary!!


  3. Soucho is cool! Scarface Claw (yes we have some Slinky Malinky books too) wouldn't be seen dead in pink - I reckon that's his girlie twin sister. :-p


  4. So, I was talking to Missus Moogsmum on the phone just now and very rudely flicking through Google Reader when I wasn't paying proper attention to what she (or I) was saying, when I suddenly said

    "Ooo Missus Moogsmum! Have you seen the fantastic snail on Trashy's blog?"

    "Um, yes" says she awkwardly "he's the one I made for Babyman"

    "Oh, durrr" says I "um, he's very lovely isn't he"