Friday, 28 March 2008

I blame Moogsmum. And RicRac. And possibly Lucy Locket.

I can't remember exactly when it happened but in the last few weeks I have had an urge to make a bag.

Ric Rac's world famous 'one hour bag' tutorial has been sending out its siren call for some time now but I have resisted as I am not a natural sew-er. However after the purchase of the £1.50 bag (or as we call it - 1.5 kilos of fabulous and posh scraps) it all became clear. There is over 3/4 metre of enormous dark brown, very heavy, chenille fabric (which can I say is an absolute bugger to sew b/c it frays like there is no tomorrow) which was just crying out to be partnered by the fabulous aqua and brown spotty poplin.

Poplin. Isn't that a great word? Just roll it around your tongue a little bit. Pop-lin. poplin

So I drew the pattern as directed and after some little swearing and fiddling I came up with this.

I can't begin to say how much I am chuffed with myself. I had planned to give it to a friend for her birthday but noticed in the morning that the fabric had been clipped a little too vigorously and was fraying along the bottom. Nothing that two clothes pegs and few drops of Tacky Glue can't fix!

Sadly however this meant that I have had to keep it for myself - aaaah shame! But no one can tell unless I showed them - which of course I have done every time someone says how lovely it is hee hee ;-)

So then I thought I would try something smaller. Enter emergency email to Mrs Moogsmum asking for zip assistance (would love to know I was getting hits b/c of that phrase!) and she sent me a fabulous tutorial. Sadly I am unable to link b/c I'm crubbbish but tonight I have made the little bag thingie in the collage.

Pr. C-Dub had a friend around today and Babyman was feeling a bit left out so we followed Julie's lead and rounded up all the scrappy crayons, dug out the silicone cake moulds (Julie's right - the cakes come out in pieces rather than pretty) . We sat for over an hour stripping, snapping and placing crayons into the moulds. He was desperate for the girls to ask what we were doing. They didn't, much to his chagrin.

Another collage - moving from L to R we have - the outside of the first attempt at purse/baglet making, madeline shaped crayons, crayons awaiting melting

Row Two Crayons pre-stripping and post Picasa!, unintentional t-shirt batiking, lego block shaped crayons.

Row Three Pr C-Dub and her friend being all craaaazy, Babyman working his fingers to the bone, the inside of the first attempt - ooer, real silk that is!!

The bag thingie is okay for a first attempt but I think with a bit more practice they may actually get better. We shall see........


  1. I think you did really well with your bag. I too have issues with sewing. I thought the idea of a sewing machine was that it did it for you. Can I return mine because it doesn't?

  2. I love your bag - even if it is precariously held together with glue! Your little purse is gorgeous and very very posh too - silk, eh?

    I really want to do the crayon thing with the kids. Do you do them in the oven or the microwave?
    I've only got a huge silicon muffin tin that would be suitable - an excuse to go shopping?


  3. Yay for you trash !!! Now you will become addicted to bag making - Don't say you weren't warned.

  4. There must be something in the air Trasy, because I too have the urge to attempt a bag. I've never made one before (not for myself anyway - for the kids, and the craft stall, but not for me) and have been pondering 'how'. This has necessitated an emergency email to Mrs Moogsmum on the question of GUSSETS. She's an expert, doncha know. It'll probably be months before I get round to it, but I WILL get round to it.

    Your bag is fab. And I love the crayon thing. x

  5. I just think we should all gang up and blame Moogsmum! She has had me making baskets both in reality (littl-ish ones) and in my head (really really huge ones)!!!!!!

    So I blame her for everything!

    Lucy xxx

  6. Lovely lovely bag. And poplin - indeed a beautiful word, and gorgeous colours you have there.

    I can send you a madeleine recipe that doesn't stick if that would help ;-)

  7. Wonderful bag - gorgeous colours- very impressed! (Ignored the bit about the glue - minor technical hitch nothing more)

  8. Love the new bag!!! Well done. I too made one this holidays from Jodie's "famous" 1 hour tutorial, however it did take me a little longer than that. They are great bags, I just LOVE mine.

  9. I love the bag! the colors are great. my sewing needs work - i should practice on bags too.