Saturday, 22 March 2008

Thank you all for your help.

You will be pleased to hear I took absolutely no notice of the advice I sought. I didn't draw names out of a hat, or pin the tail on the donkey or computer or child as V.C. suggested or actually go with any of the suggestions any of you kind and lovely people provided.

Instead Princess C-Dub and myself have been sitting here mooching through mochimochiland and have decided that we quite like the UhOhs. CK has walked past shaking his head b/c he knows that he will bear the brunt of my flung needles as I spend evenings trying to work these blurry things around on DPNs. Not that he will end up looking like a hedgesnog or anything but I may curse a little and swear a lot as the little ring things are knitted up.

I shall keep you upated on the progress but first I must go and finish my crocogator from the bible of little animal knitting patterns. Just got to stuff and stitch him up! (not in an East End/criminal kind of way - that would be bad obviously)


  1. I look forward to viewing your uhohs. That sounds naughty, and it's not, really it's not.

    Hope you're having a good Easter weekend. x

  2. Great choice, let us know how you get on. Happy easter!

  3. I can't finish any of my other knitting projects as I am far too busy knitting Easter eggs now! Looking forward to seeing your creations! Lucy x

  4. Can't wait to see your UhOhs!!

    That knitting 'bible' has got me engrossed too - just rabbits so far but I can feel a chicken coming on....


  5. I'm sure you'll make a success of it. It's just how long will it take!

  6. Wanted to pop by to say Thank you for the cake recipe which was a big hit. Tried to email but I've got technical problems with my email... like it won't send anything! Will post a pic soon! Looking forward to seeing the UhOhs!
    Gina x