Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter weekend with my family

Good Friday was with chosen family. Do you have one of those? We are all from faraway and have married English boys and have been with one another through hatches, matches, dispatches and our mothers (in-law) coming to stay for six weeks at a time. You know what they say about bonding under fire!!!!!

The Kiwi now lives in a very pretty cottage on the edge of a village so we assembled there for lunch at 1(ish); however lunch was always going to be late as all three boys spotted one another in the local supermarket at 1:15!!!!!

Taking advantage of the sun we bundled up and meandered along the farm track to create space for pudding. Princess C-Dub, the Kiwi and myself had a Spring photo competition -

While we still await the judges' decision the winner is clear and obvious................


Babyman wondered what was the point to an Easter Egg Hunt if the clues were going to be so obvious! He was greatly disappointed.

The Egg Hunt proper took place back in the garden. Lots of squealing, laughing and good-natured jostling for position occurred. The childer just stood back and watched as the grown-ups with cameras vied to get the best vantage point! Eventually things got underway and I noticed how my girl has suddenly grown-up.

*sigh* I fear teenageyness is not faraway now.

However my boy was all joyous and excited about bunnies and chocolate.

Easter Sunday was just us at home in the dry and the warm. Well... some of us stayed in the dry and the warm. Others(who shall remain nameless)

played in the snow ending up with frozen toes, red noses and sodden fingers. But first there were Easter Eggs as big as your head.

Before another round of snow football - the dogs won again.

They always cheat!

With just a few final tweaks and touches

we had a jolly snowy Easter.

Hope yours was fab too.


  1. Oh what a wonderful post! Snow for Easter? Aren't you lucky? We've had very little snow all winter - TLG has no idea what "snow" really means : )


    ps: love the pattern(s) if they're email-able!

    word ver: Do Send More Gorgeous Chocolate (to) America!

  2. Awww, fabulous photos Trashy - thanks for sharing. We had snow too, but not enough to build even the puniest snowman :-(

    Glad you had a great weekend. x

  3. Wow! You got loads more snow than us (up in the "frozen north"!!!) The photos of the children are adorable!

    Lucy x

  4. Great photos Mrs Trash!! We got a few flakes of snow but none of them even hit the ground :(

    Gorgeous babies and I can't believe Princess CW is really too cool for Easter Egg Hunting! I think she was putting it on for the camera :)


  5. I've had snow at Easter - but I sure didn't appreciate it as much as you guys did!