Monday, 17 March 2008

A week of busyness and lovely things.

CK was very intrigued to see that I had been sent a giant humbug all the way from the other side of the world!

The ever delightful and fragrant WMK sent me this fabulous creation from the otherside of the pond.

You see how it is all curled up like some lilac-y gorgeous corsage just ready to pin on my coat? No. It is in fact a gorgeous, giant, curly chippie scarf that is quite possibly longer than my whole back & front yard combined. I have worn it with great delight not just b/c of all the yarny goodness but b/c I know it was knitted in friendship (*sigh* I love the bloggy world.)

Speaking of the bloggy world I sent off my Easter parcel yesterday - yes I know it is a day late but as Lucy Locket pointed out the blurry organiser set a harsh deadline ;-) !! I feel happy posting this next picture without any prior warning as it is not, let me repeat that NOT, the bunny for my swap partner, Tilly Boo.

It is the first thing I have knitted from this book and I must confess I love them - book and bunny. Am now consecutively working on numbers 2 &3 - a crocogator and possibly something simian - I wouldn't like to say.

Speaking of all things ape like and monkey led I thought you may like to see the horrible monkey/ape thing that has given me so much trouble in the last four months.

He wasn't meant to be quite that big but there was a lot of covering up to be done, not least b/c some rotten little kid scratched a penis shape into the base paint! The redeeming feature is the headteacher caught him and, I should imagine, gave him such a rollicking he will have been put off graffiti for life!

This is the rest of the cupboard. There is still quite a bit of work to do around the edges, literally and metaphorically, but I am happy with its progress in the last month or so. I cannot tell you how many times I have lain on the floor there right in a throughway trying to paint those elephants. Note to self: remember painting uphill is hard!

But with a tail wind and my fingers crossed it may well be finished by the Summer holidays. (What? I only paint it for a few hours one day a week. If I'm lucky!! No. It has nothing to do with repainting again and again or earwigging into my children's school lives....).

And finally but by no means leastly, at the end of this very long and picture-y post I give you a dark and mysterious monkey bag which is about to be rewrapped and sent off to sunny (read hot and muggy) Townsville in the heart of Northern Queensland. What with Australian Customs being all fussy and everything we couldn't risk sending the sweets off so CK and I struggled through eating them for breakfast last Saturday after a friend collected our kids and took them away for the morning!


  1. That cupboard is amazing! Wouldn't it have been easier to take the doors off though???? just asking!!!

    My favourite panel is the one with the lion and the sheep with the little sheep on the hill behind - really beautiful! - You should make that into a textile picture too (in all your spare time!)

    I have slapped the wrist (hard) of the blurry swap organiser and she is very repentant!

    Take care, Lucy xx

  2. "He wasn't meant to be quite that big but there was a lot of covering up to be done, not least b/c some rotten little kid scratched a penis shape into the base paint!"

    That sentence has, single-handedly made my day. Sorry to snigger at your woe(s) but that is quite funny. Blinkin' brilliant work there though Trashy - a splendiferous cupboard.

    I too have been on the receiving end of a WMK parcel - isn't she fabulous?


  3. I have such a picture of you lying on the floor painting those elephants :)
    The cupboard is wonderful and I love the giraffe and python - you should make it into a printed card!
    Your little bunny is lovely - I've got the book too and have yet to cast on a stitch!

  4. I'm with Kitty re the rotten little kid/penis sentence!

    Love, love, love the cabinet - have to try and talk TBG into doing one for me (he's the artist in our family).

    ps: so happy the chipy got to you - and that you like it - and that you are able use it. I chuckle each and every time I think of you attempting to get all of those stitched on one needle!!!

  5. Just love your bunny Trashy! Lucy is a very lucky bunny collector. Did I hear that you were from Ballarat?