Thursday, 20 March 2008

Mother's Pride (no, not the bread).

I don't know if any of you remember this at all but it is due in tomorrow. Yes, 11 weeks of school work has to be handed over tomorrow for lots of non-assessment and marking by the teachers (they have two in Pr.C-Dub's class)over the Easter break. And I am absolutely chuffed to bits with the effort she has put in to getting this work done.

I have helped her find information and organise it but she has had to understand it. At every point she has had to explain to me the words on the page. And now at the very final hour we are left with one finished river project of 14 pages long with an appendix and a cd of her fictional trip along the river.

This is suprememly exciting b/c her first project this year consisted of three pictures and four facts about endangered monkeys pulled off the internet the morning of handing in! You see, she forgot to share with us for SEVEN weeks that she had homework!!

I know they won't actually grade this mammoth effort and perhaps that is right but I also know she gets A* for effort and possibly a jolly well placed B+/A- for her work.

You see - Mother's Pride (beam, beam)


  1. Way to go Princess C-W! She obviously enjoyed the project, and it always shows in the end result doesn't it? I hope they'll give it back to you so you can keep it and enjoy it for years to come?


  2. Wow - great job Princess CW!!! No wonder you have such a proud Mum :)

    Good job there on supporting but not interfering Mrs Trash :)


  3. That project looks great and Princess CW will love having spent time with you doing it. Dorothy loves doing projects (and often sets them for herself - she's such a boffin!) I hope the teachers appreciate it P.C.W's hard work!

    Lucy x

    P.S. Today's word verif is Qamipyea - sounds like a very exotic river to me!