Sunday, 6 April 2008

Hey! Come look!! (today's post is brought to you by the naughty black dog)

(Please bear in mind when reading this that my black dog sounds an awful lot like Harry Hill.)

Look! It was snowing here this morning. Do you want to come play with me?

Huh? Do you?

Quick look! There's some... oo! oo! run and get it!

I know that snowball landed here.

Did you see it? Where is it?! Huh, huh?!

This snow is soooooooooo exciting!!!!

I think I may be a bit tired now.


  1. Moog didn't quite know what to make of it - she barked at it a bit, 'cos like that'll help, and ate the carrot noses off the kids' snowmen!! It's all gone now but it was fun while it lasted :)

    So glad black dog had fun!!


  2. Awww cute pictures. My cat took one look at the snow, looked at me and with one glance managed to convey the sentence 'you must be bloody joking'.

    Tsk. x

  3. thats what I call a funny.Hey is that your dog? Oh and it is a nice blog

  4. I tried to email you back but its blocked so here is my answer to your post.

    "Sure I will send it international. Half the blogs I read are in other
    countries so why not :O)! I have 4 cats and no dogs cause my 4 year old is
    allergic to dogs, however my mom has a pug/beagle (a puggle) who is very
    cute but has total Alpha dog syndrome. Nips at my mom anytime she is not on
    guard. HUGS! have a great day and thanks for posting!"

  5. Cute dog :)
    I've tagged you, check out my blog for the rules :)

  6. I feel mean now - our four legged baby went out before the snow fell and only got to wee a couple of times in the snow in the garden....mind you maybe having a wee in the snow is exciting?