Wednesday, 9 April 2008

I bought this today.....

Having followed Moogsmum's (I think it was her..) lead last month I bought this magazine again today. I have looked through it and (for me sadly) it is all about papercraft and some stitching and a little bit of twisty beadwork. All very beautiful and lovely and in the hands of a cleverer person something undoubtedly to be treasured. But that person isn't me.

So if you would like this barely touched, flicked through once magazine, complete with all the attached freebies leave me a comment. In the event of there being more than one interested party I will do the whole random interger thing. I'm happy to post internationally.


  1. Oooh, get you with your fancy interger wotsit :-p

    I used to have that magazine on a subscription and had a whole pile of them, but stopped it quite a while ago. Still nice to look through though, so bung me in your integer cruncher please!

    And by the way, you are a VERY cleverer person. So there.


  2. Kitty, I chose a random interger chooser and it chose number 1. Congratulations the magazine is yours!

    Under Marianne Dashwood's portrait (a la Kate Winslet) is an email address - send me your details and I'll post it off.

  3. Well done Kitty!!

    Re: inspiring you to buy the magazine -it wasn't me guv - honest! I used to subscribe to it too but then I got into my sewing and the mag was too papercrafty.

    It's very kind of you to give it away :)


  4. Swedish Fish are a gummy red candy, but a different texture and flavor than gummy bears. They're probably not Swedish at all :)

  5. Pls put me in the draw, It was my birthday on the 10th so a pressie would be great.