Saturday, 26 April 2008

Reader, is it any wonder I married him?

I have just been reading Lesley's comment from the previous post to CK and laughing out loud again. There is some history of acronymical hilarity in our house (P.A.I.N. was one of his) and his mind was whirring madly as he listened.

He suggested that we set up a Fast Action Response Team from the A.R.S.E. membership. It may also meet to discuss any General Analysis Strategies. The presumption is they will come out with Synthetic Holisitic Institutional Techniques, as do most such groups.

We hope the A.R.S.E. (Eastern Division) are listening.

In his line of work he has come across a couple of really triffic acronyms - one was created by a Frenchman to present to a mixed UK/French group - Cost Reduction Action Plan. Now that is seriously subversive - a Frenchman becoming sufficiently Anglicised to deliberately title his plan thus

The other was a product that was being marketed by someone somewhere. It is called a Strategically Launched Underwater Transponder Target. No seriously! You could throw the S.L.U.T.T. into the water!!


  1. Well done CK - great acronyms! I feel you are a perfect match for each other....and that's a compliment!

    You may need to run some of your acronyms past the Logistics And Recruitment Division of A.R.S.E first - or L.A.R.D...A.R.S.E. as they're also known. They will then need to requests checks by the A.R.S.E Worldwide Intelligence Protection Executive, who will' of course' need to send them on to the A.R.S.E. Basic Acronym Nomenclature Data Input Team for final checks.

    I thank you and good night :)


  2. totally TOTALLY awesome dude you've got there! but then...birds of a feather...and so forth...:)