Friday, 25 April 2008


for all your support.

Well I did it this morning and handed over the c.c letters as well so the fur will really start to fly on Monday b/c neither Mr. Headteacher or Snotty Teacher were in today. Curses b/c I had even gone to hand the letter to S.T with my own fair hand.

What I find difficult to reconcile is that this afternoon I attended a memorial service organised by the Royal British Legion. We were few in number at the War Memorial up here on the hill but the Mayor and the Town Council represented the local community. Not only did we have the RBL flags flown and then dropped to half mast but the Last Post was played and a minute's silence held.

I have history on this topic but it really is something I am passionate about and as Leanne wrote today, something that is ringing bells with more & more Australians every year. Over the last five years (or four perhaps) this has been shown on ABC television on Anzac Day. If you have a few minutes watch the trailer. It is based around this book. I have a copy of the dvd and I never watch it without tissues close by.

On a completely different note ...... this happens to be my 150th post and because it lines up so neatly with the theme of my 50th post (ref: history link above) and because I have finally expiated my guilt at the loooooong time it took to send the birthday/100th post parcels (draws breath) I am sending a small something somewhere in the world. Leave a comment and I'll tell you who it is in 24 hours.

BTW - Extra thanks to all the members of A.R.S.E. who offered to come and show the Snotty Teacher exactly how to be rude and special mention to Moogsmum. Eastern Division (A.R.S.E.D)?! I was in tears I was laughing so hard.


  1. congrats on 150:-) I am on a whopping 6.

  2. 150! Cool. I'm at 60. I figure one of my cutie monkeys will be a give-away for my 100th.

    I'm anxious to see all fur fly next week. Keep us informed.

  3. hooooooooooray for 150...and best wishes for the NEXT 150...and the 150 after that...and so forth...HOORAY!!! :)

  4. So very glad I moved you to tears - even if they were the fun kind.

    Please can I win please I think I really should? Please?

    Congratulations on 150 fabulous posts Trashy - you're doing a grand job woman and our A.R.S.E. would not be the same without you.

    It would be a much smaller A.R.S.E. for one thing......

    ....and a much quieter A.R.S.E.

    Sgt Moogsmum xxxx

  5. Don't listen to Moogsmum - let me be a winner instead! Glad you stuck to your guns over the letter - let us know how it goes! Locket x

  6. Many congrats on 150 - my, my, how time flies when you're having fun. I remember the invisible posts of your youth with fondness.


  7. Sad I'm to late for the give away but good on you for the letter. You remind me a bit of myself I am always jumping in feet first my family are always saying don't you think you should think about it first. So good luck tomorrow you might be hauled up in front of the head master and your not even at school LOL.