Sunday, 13 April 2008

weekend a la Trash Towers

Babyman got busy

He chose the colour himself,

after some negotiation.

His first choice was deep, bright red.

Emptying out his room I found his baby book and was reminded of soooo much. Not least that this gym bunny below has been his best friend since he was four months old!


  1. HOW CUTE!!! Dont you just love old ratty loved teddies???!!! One day that will be so precious to him yet again! And good going on not giving in to the red!! eeek

  2. Great color! Probably best that you talked him out of the red.
    Adore his cute little bunny friend.

  3. Hmmm. I was coming across to give you a virtual slap for casting aspersions on my cake-making skills but then I saw your industrious chap and his cute bunny and I just couldn't do it.

    Be afraid though .... I was in Waitrose only yesterday (trying to spot Carol Vorderman) and happened upon a rather yummy looking recipe for carrot cupcakes.

    .... thought I might try them .... bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha


    ps. I think you should have let him have the red ....

  4. Nice colour - No.2 is angling for a red bedroom too. Could you please tell me what excuse you used as I might need the same one? Ta.

    Cute rabbit - No.1 has had her bedtime bear since she was 8 months old. No.2 has had his since he was born. You've got to love well-loved cuddlies, haven't you?


  5. Great colour choice - he's got good taste (I am prepared to overlook the temporary red abberation!) His bunny is gorgeous too!

  6. good for restful nights!!! Blue is MUCH better!!!

  7. Oh bless him - labouring away, even though he was denied a glorious red bedroom in which to have violent nightmares!

    A nice calm blue such as that will no doubt give him sweet dreams - once the exhaustion from all the painting has worn off!

    Good job Trash - I've been working my two this weekend too!