Saturday, 12 April 2008

Girl done well

Last Monday morning it was back to school for us here on the hill and Princess P-Dub was champing at the bit to get back. This is not a natural state of affairs particularly after Easter holidays filled with chocolate and snow but she had a reason. A really good reason. Do you remember this? And this? Well, Monday was the day results came out.

I waited by their exit that afternoon and she came out quite smiley but not bouncing off the walls so I figured she had done alright. As she was regaling me with the structure of marks - bronze, silver, gold and something she and her friends were calling prehistoric (ie; below bronze [I thought it pretty clever, can you tell she has watched Time Team obsessively sincethe age of two?]) one of these frineds came bouncing up saying 'Guess what Princess C-Dub got? She got a p..'

"Shhhh...... " I said "Let her tell me."

"Well, Mrs Tree said that three were of such high quality she had to regrade them and create a whole new level of mark - it's platinum and I got one! Come in and have a look at my certificate"

So there you have it, 11 weeks of shouty Mummy, stressed small girl and one whole Sunday spent with a pen in her hand, writing for more than 10 hours resulted in that particular small girl feeling so proud of herself and floating with the satisfaction that comes from a job well. I hope it is a message that stays with her.


  1. Yay! Way to go Princess C-Dub! How brilliant is that? You have a plantinum disc-type award-earning daughter!

    Well done all on the hill! x

  2. Wow!!! Fantastic job Princess CW!!!

    Just goes to show - Mum ALWAYS knows best :)

    love from the Moogs Gang xxxxx

  3. Oh that's fantastic - good for her!

  4. yay well done ! All that hard work paid off.

  5. Oh and well done to you Mummy as weel for her help and guidance!

  6. Well done Princess C Dub! Very well deserved after one whole sunday spent with a pen in your hand .... WRITING FOR MORE THAN 10 HOURS!!

    .... isn't that illegal, TC?? Surely small people are meant to have a break after nine hours ....


  7. Just goes to show eh, well done

  8. Hey! Well done Princess C-Dub - we are all very proud of you!!!